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generic drugs safetyGeneric drugs are often misunderstood as being inferior to the brand. Granted, they do not undergo the same rigorous testing and clinical trials as that of the brand name drug. However, the replicate medications sold in a pharmacy online are bioequivalent to the brand and work the same way. These drugs are definitely safe to take as they are made available only after receiving approval from the FDA. The safety of the generic is established prior to it being passed by the FDA. We have decided to decode some of the myths regarding the safe use of the secondary medication. Not all medication affect health negatively as some believe them to be. Read on to see what all the fuss is about regarding the safety and efficacy of generic medications.

Concerns and misconceptions about the safety of taking generic drugs

Perhaps one of the many reasons why the medications are suspected for having safety issues while people order medication online is the cost. Generic name drugs are priced at just a fraction of that of brand name drugs. Many tend to associate high price with quality. This is not always true and does apply to medications.

Another reason that they are regarded as unsafe is because after being used to taking the brand drug for long, the body may take the time to adjust when switching to the secondary medication. This usually results in a few side effects but they wear off soon.

There is yet another reason for this distrust over generic drugs. The brand name drugs are usually in the market for a long time before the patent expiry. Vigorous advertising through various mediums would have already placed the brand name in good stead. However, they are cheaper due to lesser advertisements and also the high competition. The brand name may be better known but this does not prove that the generic is not as safe or efficient.

For getting the FDA approval, generic drugs only have to match the bioequivalence of the brand by ensuring that the active ingredient is the same. The inactive ingredients can be different. Those who read the labels and see the difference may think that this makes them unsafe. In fact, there are many who have responded better to treatment with generics than with the brand.

Ways to safely take generic drugs

One need not stay away from generic medications completely. While they are relatively safe to take, there are ways to ensure that you can take them without worrying about the safety.

  • Check what the narrow therapeutic index (NTI) is. This just means getting the medication at a dosage that is therapeutic but low enough so that there are no side effects. The healthcare provider would be able to assist you with this.
  • If you are someone with conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, get home measurement gadgets that can help track how well or not the drug is working for you.
  • Take note of any physical or emotional side effects that you may experience and keep track of them, whether they are improving or worsening.
  • Check the product label for the active and inactive ingredients used, including the name of the generic drug manufacturer.
  • Switch between the versions available and see which ones work best for you.

At best, you are not likely to face any major safety issues when using generic medications that are any different from those caused by the brand, and you can take them without worrying.