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Canadian drugs safetyIt is a well-known fact that a Canadian pharmacy charge considerably lower price for a specific drug than many other countries, including USA. Many Americans are turning towards Canadian based online pharmacies for their medication needs. The question is; is it really safe to buy drugs from a Canadian online pharmacy?

Reason for low cost

Beyond the common belief that the reason for low cost is low quality, another reason for the lower price tag is national healthcare policies, which provides government with a control in determining the maximum retail price of a medicine. In USA, there is no such control and thus, certain drug companies find it easier to hike price in USA. Thus, do not be stereotypical when it comes to the price of the drug. Patients can compare drug prices in online pharmacies by reading healthprose Canadian pharmacy reviews

Legality of importing medications

It is illegal to bring a medicine that is banned by FDA into USA. For legally importing such medicines from any foreign site, the drug must be for a life threatening medical condition. The drug should not exceed more than three-month supply and the buyer should have a prescription from a doctor who is practicing in USA.

Medicine safety

It is true that there are many high quality Canadian pharmacies online but, it is not possible to find out whether the product that you are about to buy is fake or the real brand. Use of low quality, fake brand or may have some harmful substances that can cause serious problems.

Authenticity of Canadian Pharmacy stores

Some Canadian sites have a disclaimer that the site is not responsible if the package is seized by customs. This indicates that you cannot raise a question if the package does not reach you. The probability of the medicine reaching you will be less. Thus, you would probably lose money in trying to save a couple of dollars.

Safety of payment gateways

Some Canadian online pharmacies have low security in their payment gateway. This makes your personal information visible to hackers. You would be familiar with the problems involved with a hacker holding your bank details.

In short, not all Canadian stores are unsafe but, it is not possible to specifically identify whether a site is genuine or not. In today’s world, many companies pay people to write good reviews and testimonials and thus, it is not easy to find the right online site.

It may or may not be safe to buy medicines from a Canadian pharmacy online. It is not wise to take chances with medicines. Even a small allergic reaction in a life-saving medicine can turn lethal. Thus, it is safer to stick with government approved local pharmacies or online sites unless your doctor advises you to choose a brand or medicine that is not available in your country.