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online pharmacy lawsPurchasing prescription medications online has become the norm these days as it is very convenient and you do not even have to step out of the house. Sometimes you may find better deals at overseas online pharmacies and take advantage of these. There may be some restrictions and regulations that you may not be aware of when using such places. Moreover, every country has different laws and policies regarding ordering of medications from a pharmacy online. What may be allowed in one country may not be allowed in another. Here is sample of the laws and policies in the countries that are known for providing authentic prescription medication online.


The US has stringent policies regarding getting prescription medications online. The FDA oversees the drug supply, while the DEA regulates the buying and selling of controlled substances. The US FDA considers it technically not legal to import prescription medication but they do not stop the supply if the prescription is for personal use. Whether you are a US resident or reside in any other country and looking to order drugs online, you can check the policies of international internet pharmacies to avoid any legal hassles.


The Australian government follows the policies and laws similar to that of the European Union (ED). They have the Therapeutic Goods Administration to oversee the sale of drugs and to regulate the pharmacies. There are also societies and guilds that drugstores can register with. They work closely with the government to ensure that places that offer the prescription medications online do so by following safe practices.


One of the popular sources for buying medication online is the Canadian online pharmacy. It is also the one that is closest to the US in the way it operates. Each province in Canada regulates its pharmacies by checking the licensing, verifying the website management, and ensuring that safe distributions practices are followed. The Therapeutic Products Directorate is the agency that closely oversees the approvals of all drugs nationally.


India is similar in its policies in many ways to the US like requiring a prescription for certain medications and requiring only licensed pharmacists to dispense the drugs. The main body that regulates drug practices is the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization. This organization is the one that checks and approves new drugs in the market, ensures prescription drugs are taken safely, protects the drugs supply, and regulates the pharmacies. India is one of the major producers of generic medications and supplies them to different parts of the world. The chances of receiving counterfeit medications are also high as the drugs are priced very cheap owing to which it is recommended to always verify the place before processing the order.


Online pharmacies in the UK are known for providing authentic prescription medications. The drugs are regulated by the Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. The regulation standards in the UK are the same as that of EU policies. Both pharmacies and pharmacists have to be licensed before dispensing prescription medications.

New Zealand

The regulatory agency here is Medsafe, which is considered as the equivalent of the US FDA. They have high standards when it comes to approving and monitoring the sale of prescription medications. All the pharmacist are made sure that they highest level of education and training regarding best practices.

Ordering medications from an overseas online pharmacy

Always verify if the pharmacy is legitimate and is licensed by the related agency to sell medications online. International online drugstores may be a way to get the medications for cheap but make sure the prices are not too good to be true. Check for the laws regarding the import of prescription drugs in your country before placing the order online.