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Canadian online pharmacyMany websites claim that Canadian online pharmacies are the go-to online drugstores for procuring cheap as well as quality drugs. Canadian pharmacies are known to offer quality drugs at attractive prices compared to the US market. But buying drugs from Canada is definitely more complicated than you can imagine. It is generally considered illegal for patients to procure drugs from outside when their counterparts are available in the US, that being said, the FDA and the state pharmacy boards are themselves flexible about the rule. This statement usually tends to portray these websites in a negative light. But you may always have to look at the both sides of the coin in order to make a better judgement.

Why are Canadian online pharmacies cheaper than their counterparts?

Americans are generally known to pay more for brand name prescriptions medicines than anyone else in the world. Many countries like Canada are known to negotiate prices directly with the manufacturers and suppliers causing drastic price differences between online pharmacies and its Canadian counterpart. For example, Advair retails in the market for $857 while you may be able to procure the same drug at $134 in leading drugstores. There is definitely a big price differential for people who may be interested to try genuine Canadian pharmacy drugs.

Let’s compare the prices of a few drugs in Canadian stores vs the US retail counterparts

For example thirty pills of Celebrex 200mg sells for $275 while the Canadian pharmacies sell it for $30. You may be able to get Lanoxin 0.125mg for $40 in online Canadian pharmacies while they retail in the United States for $82. Also the same can be said about Symbicort 160 that sells for $60 in Canadian pharmacies and the same can be bought for $200 in retail stores.

Another popular medication in the US, Crestor 10mg sells for $62 for thirty pills while the same retails in the US for $238. Do you see a trend here? This is why most customers have started preferring Canadian online pharmacies for their medication. Long term users of the drug may be able to save a fortune by buying medication online from Canadian pharmacies instead of similar prescription drug in the US market. They may also be able to buy drugs at significantly lower costs and higher quantities. These drugs are actually brand name drugs manufactured by brand name companies so most consumers need to worry about the authenticity of the pills sold in such stores.

What caution should customers exercise when buying from Canadian online pharmacies?

Customers should be wary of certain things while buying from Canadian pharmacies. There are a few fraudulent websites that may trick customers into buying false products. There are plenty of websites that advertise themselves as Canadian but are not really so. There are just way too many counterfeiters that the customer needs to take appropriate measures to protect him. In order to be able to identify such websites, the customers have to verify if the seller has procured licenses from state or regional pharmacy boards. Moreover, most drugs sold online require prescription and the lack of asking one should immediately raise a red flag.