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canadian online pharmacyThe health cost is rising day by day. People would not like to spend their hard earned money on medicines, instead of on things they like. Therefore it is not surprising to see people turning to online pharmacy stores to buy medicines. It is not illegal to buy from internet pharmacy stores. It is legal and it has been approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

A lot of U.S. citizens prefer Canadian Pharmacy stores to buy their medicines. In Canada, the cost of medicines is controlled by the government. Therefore medicines are significantly cheaper (sometimes as low as one-third) than in U.S. With the advent of internet drugstores, buying from online Canadian pharmacy has become even easier. At present, a number of licensed and legitimate pharmacies like healthprose.org have come into the limelight from all across Canada.

What is the procedure to buy drugs from Canadian online pharmacy?

  1. You can get a long list of Canadian mail order pharmacies on the website of National Association of Board of Pharmacy (NABP) or CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association).
  2. First, you need to sign in and download the order form. Enter the required details and upload it along with other documents.
  3. You require a prescription from a certified practitioner to buy medicines from a legitimate online pharmacy. It is just like buying from a nearby store, but you can buy them without leaving your house!
  4. You can also mail the prescription on the specified e-mail ID.
  5. You have the different convenient option to pay the charges.
  6. They surely charge some shipping charges, but if you compare the total price, it will be less than what you have to pay to a U.S. based site.

The question arises, whether it is legal to buy from a Canadian online pharmacy store?

The answer is not straight forward! As per the Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987, it is illegal to bring prescription drugs into the country. But officials have allowed “enforcement discretion”, which means you can buy 90 days’ supply of medicines online. Once you have exhausted the 90 day supply, you can ask for a refill. So basically, it says it is legal to buy from an online Canadian Pharmacy, but you cannot buy it if you are a drug dealer and if you want to buy a large quantity.
Before you buy any product from Canadian mail order drugstore, you need to keep following points in mind.

  • Never buy any drug without a prescription. If any pharmacy is ready to provide your medicine without a prescription, mostly it is fake or illegal!
  • A legal drugstore always mentions its physical address, contact number and direct contact information of their qualified pharmacist. SO don’t buy from websites which do not have this information.
  • Check for the participation of pharmacy in VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites), run by NABP. It will make sure you are getting medicines of highest quality.

Before you buy from any internet drugstore, always keep your eyes wide open and ensure that the source is a valid one!