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How-is-generic-phentermine-different-from-the-brand-Adipex-PAdipex-P is a brand of weight loss medication that has many proven benefits. Obese people have sworn to the efficacy of this pill as they have seen significant changes in their way the body looks and feels. However with many generic versions of the branded one available in the market one might wonder as to what the difference between each one is? For instance, there is generic phentermine vs Adipex-P. Is there is a real difference between the two? If so what is the difference? In this article, we wish to explore the answers to all these questions.

Generic phentermine vs Adipex-P – How are they different?

Adipex-P brand basically contains phentermine as a part of its main components. This is the prime ingredient although there are many other inactive ingredients. This is the first brand that ever manufactured the diet pill and introduced it into the marketplace. Soon after its introduction, it became a rage in the weight loss industry as many people have seen significant changes in their weight. The trademark company that manufactured this weight loss pill had initially owned the patent rights for a few years. However, each patent comes with an expiration date. After the expiration of this patent, many generic manufacturers hopped onto the bandwagon and started producing their own versions of the pill using the same active ingredient. But they have different inactive ingredients because they are prohibited by the FDA to use all the same ingredients in the exact same amount. So, the generic one is usually different in physical composition when compared to the brand. But there are also some approval processes that generic manufacturers should comply with, for this generic diet pill to be listed on the approved list of generics. They have to perform rigorous quality tests and prove that their generic variant is bioequivalent to the brand. Which means both the medicines must exhibit equal acting time, performance and efficiency.

Generic phentermine vs Adipex-P – Are they priced equally?

There is a huge price variation between Adipex-P and generic phentermine. The generic one is almost 50 % lower than the brand. This is due to the fact that the branded medicine had to go through many stages of research and development, in other words, fine tuning before its introduction to the market. Moreover, a high budget or expenditure is also allocated to marketing the new pill once it hits the market. But for the generic version, however, they bypass all these stages and just mimic the original formulation. But they still the active ingredient in them. They are just made of different binding agents so physically the generic medicine looks different to a brand medicine. If one prefers lower costs they can opt for the generic one and if they need a brand guarantee they can opt for the brand one.

Do they have similar side effects?

Yes, even though the composition is different since both of them are made of the same ingredient, they exhibit the same side effects. The one factor that is different for generic and brand would be the probability of suffering from allergic reactions. Some people might get allergic to the brand one while they are perfect for the generic one. While some people might suffer from allergic reactions when they use the generic and none when they use the brand one. This is because both have different inactive ingredients in them. So, one must also check the inactive ingredient along with the active ingredient before they use a pill. With an exception to an allergic reaction, all other side effects would be the same for both brand and generic formulation. The most commonly occurring side effects of either formulation are a headache, drowsiness, diarrhea, and insomnia.