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Levitra sustain erectionErectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man loses his ability to achieve and maintain an erection persistently. Over 75% of the men who are above the age 50 suffer from this medical ailment. This also affects their female sexual partners and makes them to lose their sexual desire as well as satisfaction. Men strive hard to get back their erections. Fortunately, Levitra medication is available in the market. We are going to look about certain studies that were conducted to know the effectiveness the drug provides in a man.

Levitra tests on men with erectile dysfunction

This test involved ninety-five men who suffer from impotency. It is to test the duration of erection that can occur in a man with the help of pills. The total time span of the study was 8 weeks. In this period, a man was given with different dosage strengths of this impotency medication and was checked for erection.

Levitra medication was given to the patient 60 minutes prior to the sexual intercourse. The dosage strength of the tablet was 10mg. For some men, it was increased to 20mg and for some, it was decreased to 5mg. This variation is because of the severity of the erectile dysfunction.

During the treatment period, a man was allowed to indulge in sexual activity for four times in four different days. They got sexually aroused by visual or audio stimulation. This is when they achieved erection.

Results of 8 week Levitra treatment

The erection that a man achieved was firm enough when Levitra medication is taken. For some men, the erection lasted for a longer time than their usual ones. The patients in the treatment not only got benefitted with prolonged erection but they had additional advantages too. Vaginal penetration, maintaining the erection, achieving timely ejaculation and satisfaction were achieved. In fact, all these factors were superior in the patients who took the medication.

Levitra over other erectile dysfunction medications

People who were not benefitted or successful with other ED drugs can take Levitra. This is because; the medication has the highest success rate and also possesses the history of providing erection to a man who did not experience the benefits with other drugs. The drug is very good not only in achieving erection but also in helping a man to sustain it for the required period of time.

Where to buy Levitra in authentic quality?

The pills are available in both traditional brick and mortar stores as well as in mail order pharmacies. But, if your expectation is also to get cheap medication then definitely an online portal should be chosen. As these portals provide cheap generic levitra deals online. This would be the great place to procure pills both in authentic quality and also at an affordable rate. This impotency medication is available in the market very easily. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then there is nothing harm in taking pills. But, before that, you need to get a doctor’s consultation.