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generic vs brand drugsFor most prescription medications these days there are both brand and generics available. Understanding the difference between the main and secondary medication may seem trivial but it could help the user in many ways. For instance, the lower cost of no name medication is more likely to play a role in helping the patient to adhere to the treatment being given.

First version drugs are also known as innovator drugs. This is usually the first version of the drug that is sold by the manufacturer. The other may be seen as copies of the innovator name formulations, which are manufactured after the patent for the invented drug expires. People often regard main version as top quality prescription drugs in comparison with generics.

What are the similarities between generic and brand name drugs?

The most important similarity between both medications is that they both have the same active ingredient. The bioequivalence is what make them suitable for treating the same condition and have the potential to be used interchangeably. Both the new drug formulations and the bioequivalent formulations have to pass the scrutiny of the federal agencies before being made available for use. Generic do not have to undergo the process of clinical trials as long as they can prove bioequivalent properties to the brand name.

While it may not be possible to have 100% bioequivalent properties to the brand, the variations may be only slightly different. The generic should be at least 90% bioequivalent to the original. At best, this rate of accuracy can go to 80% or above 120% but not below or above these ranges.

How different is the generic from the brand?

The active ingredient will be the same but often there are differences in the inactive ingredients. This difference is important only if the patient is allergic to any of the inactive ingredients. As the manufacturers of brand and generic are different, the drugs may be different according to the size, shape, and color. Another major difference is the cost. Generic drugs are much cheaper when compared to the brand name drug.

What is the reason for the price difference between brand generics?

Inventor drugs are introduced into the market only after years of research and development, as well as clinical trials. The secondary are introduced without the same kind of expenses after the patent expiry. Also, the competition among generic manufacturers is high, resulting in these variants being available at a very low cost. One can get the second quality drugs from an online pharmacy at extremely low prices.

Is it safe to use the brand or the generic interchangeably?

Both version drugs are available only after receiving approval from the drug authorities so they are relatively safe to take. Switching between drugs should not be a problem unless the user is allergic to any of inactive ingredients like lactose or gluten. If the user has potential allergies, it is recommended to check the product label to see what ingredients have been used.

What are the important differences between the brand and the generic?

The comparisons discussed here show that they both are bioequivalent and that there can be more savings when opting for the generic from a legitimate online pharmacy. If there are any queries in choosing between the two, discuss with the healthcare provider for the suitable option.