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How effective is Soma as a muscle relaxerThe efficiency of Soma in relaxing the muscles is undoubtedly the best amongst all medications. Soma is known for its potential to obstruct the pain signals triggered by the nerves without reaching the brain. The generic name of the drug is Carisoprodol. It is used for treating different levels of pains and musculoskeletal conditions. Since there are a lot of muscle relaxants in the market, it is important to learn about the effectiveness of the drug in general and the other factors that affect the effectiveness of the drug.


Soma doesn’t work in the muscles. It works directly in the nervous system. And, hence the speed at which the medicine controls the pain sensation is extremely fast. The maximum dosage period is just for three weeks and the drug should not be used beyond that. The effect of the drug can be experienced within 30-90 minutes from the time of consumption. The drug tends to stay in the body for a maximum of 6 hours. This is why there should be a minimum of 8-hour gap between two doses to avoid overdose. Overdose would not increase the speed or strength of the drug. It might cause serious health problems.


When compared to all other muscle relaxants in the market, Soma is considered to be the best effective one. Though there is no formal clinical study conducted to state the effectiveness of the drug, this comparison can be concluded with regards to user reviews.

An efficacy random study was done for 7 days with patients between the age of 18 and 65 with acute pain. In the first study, the patients were divided into a group of three. The first group was given 250mg of the drug, the second group was given 350 mg of the drug and the third one was placebo. Patients were administered three doses of the pill. On day three, there was a slight decrease in the pain sensation. By the end of day four, people who administered 250mg and 350 mg dosage strengths experienced considerable relief from the medication.

Drugs that interfere with the efficiency of Soma

There are a lot of drugs that reduces the efficiency of the Soma. There is a total of 7 major drug interactions which are possible for Soma.

Medications under the following category interact with the muscle relaxant pill

  1. Morphine sulfate
  2. Vitamin pills
  3. Anti-depressants
  4. Fish oil pills

There are many other drugs that affect the efficiency of Soma. Thus, it is important to check with a doctor about all the possible drug interactions, before commencing the course of therapy.

Efficiency in liver diseases patients

The drug is not usually recommended for those with liver or renal problems. Though the efficiency of the drug is as high as usual, the drug which is excreted through urine would cause adverse effects and in some cases, may aggravate the liver problem.

Efficiency in general

In general cases, the efficiency changes from one person to another. It depends on the age, previous medical problems, a current medical ailment for which Soma is recommended, other drugs consumed etc. If a patient takes the drug in accordance with all the instructions provided by a doctor, the drug is one of the best muscle relaxants in the market.

As stated before, the effect of the drug is different from individuals and the main problem of addiction should be taken into consideration. The most serious disadvantage is that it causes addiction. Though the drug is easily available in any online pharmacy, its use is strictly restricted. The prescription is mandatory. The drug should be used for only a short period of time.