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Levitra after ProstatectomyLevitra is currently among the top medications available for treating erectile dysfunction (ED), especially as the drug can help promote erectile function in patients who have underlying health problems or even after nerve-sparing prostatectomy. Available as the brand name of Vardenafil, Levitra is popular for being effective in ED patients who have not experienced positive results with other drugs in the same category.

Nerve-sparing prostatectomy is performed in patients with prostate cancer and this surgical procedure is very efficient in killing the cancerous cells. However, patients tend to experience problems with erectile function during the recovery from this procedure. There are many methods used to promote erectile function in such patients, and one such method is the use of PDE5 inhibitors like Levitra. Medical researchers conducted a study to see how well these patients responded to the drug following nerve-sparing prostatectomy.

Details of the study regarding the use of Levitra for ED in post nerve-sparing prostatectomy

Erectile dysfunction issues differ from one patient to another depending on the age and health condition. Those who did not have ED before surgery has a better chance of recovering erectile function. With the use of certain techniques, this problem can also be managed in those who are already experiencing ED issues.

In a study conducted by Bayer Schering Pharma, a group of men administered with Levitra for nine months following nerve-sparing prostatectomy was able to demonstrate excellent results with this drug. The medication was administered in this double-blind study by administering the drug on a nightly basis, on an on-demand basis, and with placebo too. Nearly half the number of patients was able to experience successful intercourse while on this drug over the period of recovery. The medical researchers concluded that Levitra taken on an as-needed basis improved the chances of overcoming the ED problem. Further studies conducted in different centers across a range of age groups had similar results.

Who can take Levitra following nerve-sparing prostatectomy?

Men who have been sexually active prior to the nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy would always want to go back to their old lifestyle following the procedure. As such, there are many treatments available for impotency but using the drug could be the way to go. Be sure to check with a healthcare provider first so that you can get the Levitra prescription in the suitable dosage. Those who are facing other health issues or taking any other drugs would want to be more careful before starting the course for the ED medication. Also, the patients who wish to take the drug should get the consultation of the doctor to ensure that the drug does not interfere with recovery from the surgery. With the right doctor-approved guidelines, a number of men can improve sexual function with Levitra post nerve-sparing prostatectomy.