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Provigil improves focus and concentrationProvigil is one of those drugs whose uses extend to beyond the approved use. Generally prescribed to overcome sleep disorders like narcolepsy, shift work disorder, and sleep apnea, Provigil is gaining attention for its off-label uses. Of particular interest in Provigil’s properties is that the drug can allegedly help improve focus and treat adhd. This effect of Provigil means that the drug has a lot of takers among students and working professionals who wish to improve their grades or perform better at work. However, Modafinil is classified as a Schedule IV drug and it cannot be availed without a prescription.

But can Provigil truly enhance focus and concentration abilities? What is the cause behind the drug’s effects? Well, medical researchers primarily saw the potential of Provigil as a medication to prevent excessive sleepiness and daytime sleepiness. Along with these effects, it was later found that the drug had the potential to enhance the capabilities of the brain. Every individual responds differently to medication and not everyone may feel the same benefits from taking Provigil. Results have shown that Provigil definitely enhances cognitive function.

Provigil use as a ‘smart drug’

Provigil as such is not a stimulant drug but understanding how the drug works can help to some extent to understanding the drug’s benefits. Although Provigil’s exact mechanism of action is unknown, the drug is said to increase the histamine levels in the brain. By doing so, the sleep-wake cycle becomes regulated. This effect is what helps to enhance focus and improve concentration and the reputation of being a ‘smart drug’. People who do not have any relative health condition but want to improve their cognitive abilities may take Provigil. However, the FDA has not approved the drug for this use and getting an off-label prescription for schedule IV drugs is not easy. The option to buy prescription drugs like Provigil online makes the drug easily available to college students and working professionals. The drug also causes minimal side effects and is mostly safe to take.

Should you take Provigil to improve focus and concentration?

Knowing that Provigil can work excellently as a cognitive enhancer and help you to perform tasks better, it may be highly tempting to start taking the drug. However, it is not recommended to do so without a doctor’s consultation to rule out any potential hazards due to an underlying illness or harmful drug interactions. It is also not advisable to give Provigil to children to make them perform better at school as the drug is not indicated for use in children. Before taking Provigil you should ensure that Provigil is right for you by visiting the doctor. One should also consider the ethics of having an unfair competitive edge over others in the same field. Ethics aside, although Provigil is not as addictive as stimulant medication it is possible to abuse the drug in many ways. Unless the FDA approves Provigil use to improve focus and attention, it is advisable to take the drug only for its intended purpose with the help of a healthcare practitioner.