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how does adderall extended release help adhd patientsAdderall extended release is a combination of two different chemicals. This drug has been used for treating ADHD, since 1996. The drug has been extensively used for treating ADHD patients given its very low potential for addiction. It is used for patients who prefer to be under the influence of the drug, throughout the day. This drug is usually recommended by doctors when the normal pill is not effective. Though, at present, it is used for various other medical purposes and considered to be the most often used smart drug, it was initially developed for treating ADHD affected individuals.

Reaction in an ADHD patient

The number of neurotransmitter in the brain determines the activeness of the brain. Each part of the brain works towards certain activity. The amount of neurotransmitter present in that part of the brain determines the effectiveness in which the subject performs the activity. The problem with ADHD is that either the neurotransmitters are not densely found or there is no optimal communication between neurotransmitters. Due to this, the brain is not able to perform an activity, without getting distracted. This distraction causes loss of interest, loss of focus, reduced motivation and impulsive behavior. If the problem with neurotransmitter is controlled, ADHD symptoms can be reduced.

Adderall extended release is a stimulant drug which is used for increasing the level of neurotransmitters in the body. Immediately after consumption, half of the chemicals in the pill get absorbed by the body and the function of the pill takes effect within a few minutes. This will help to increase focus and concentration. This increased concentration would reduce impulsive actions and hyperactivity. The common neurotransmitters that are increased are norepinephrine and dopamine. These two neurotransmitters are primarily responsible for attention and focus. Dopamine decreases signals from external stimuli so that the subject is not easily distracted.

In the second stage, the drug makes the present neurotransmitters to last longer, especially in the area of the brain that is associated with controlling focus and alertness. The signal is sent from one neurotransmitter to another and thus, it keeps the brain active. This activeness would calm the person down. The Adderall extended release capsule has beads in it. Half of the beads get disintegrated immediately after swallowing and the rest are released later. Thus, the effectiveness of the drug stays the whole day.

Positive effects in ADHD patients

Adderall extended release is not a cure for ADHD. The drug merely reduces or controls the symptoms of ADHD making the patient focus better thereby keeping them motivated. It helps in

  1. Reducing hyperactivity and impulsive action
  2. Reduces distraction caused by external stimuli
  3. Help to increase focus

Apart from the drug, an ADHD patient would need behavioral training psychotherapy and education. The drug simply helps a little and these trainings would do the rest of the magic.

How should ADHD patient use Adderall extended release?

The drug should be used daily without fail. During weekends, vacations and other off-days, the drug can be avoided to see whether there is any considerable improvement, in the patient. Adderall extended release is not a cure but, the brain can adjust to the new density of neurotransmitter and evolve. In many cases, the dose of the drug can be reduced eventually. Based on the performance of the brain, in some cases, doctors can recommend normal pill instead of extended version. Either way, it is a good approach to dealing with ADHD.

In the market, there are a lot of drugs for ADHD. When it comes to advantages, Adderall extended release is the best choice. There are a few disadvantages to this drug like its addiction probability and causes of severe side effects, when it is used without doctor’s approval (mostly for the people who suffer from a serious heart condition and blood pressure).  Adderall extended release is not a simple drug to administer as the person wishes. One cannot simply choose to use it as a weight loss or smart drug, without talking to a doctor. In many cases, people with serious life-threatening medical conditions should not use this drug, at any cost.

Adderall extended release is readily available in many Canadian online pharmacy meds online. It is one of the best cognitive enhancers, drugs for ADHD and a less serious stimulant. However, it is important to learn to use it with caution by following all directions provided by a doctor.