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How Do You Overcome the Side Effects of PhentermineAlthough Phentermine is associated with appetite suppressing and energy boosting, there are negative side effects which also accrue from its use. While on your endeavors to losing weight, dealing with the extra symptoms or side effects such as dizziness, a dry mouth, and insomnia might be difficult. Typically, these symptoms only last a week. However, if they persist, here are tips by which you can relieve these effects, without deviating from your weight loss endeavors.


Phentermine users, in most cases, get insomnia since this anti-obesity drug is a stimulant. Maintaining a healthy mind and body requires one to get good sleep, especially when they are making efforts to lose weight. Poor quality sleep has adverse effects on slimming down. It not only depletes your energy levels but also increases your susceptibility to stress. As a result, you can make bad food choices, due to the unhealthy food cravings.

Winding down before sleeping is great, especially if you are troubled. Relax by taking a warm shower or listen to soothing music. A relaxing environment can also be created by enjoying herbal tea (for example, chamomile) or warm milk with calming music.

Dry Mouth

This is probably the number one effect of Phentermine. Though it doesn’t sound too uncomfortable, patients who have experienced it narrate a different story. A dry mouth causes an insatiable thirst, which in turn can cause sore gums and mouth ulcers thereby presenting an uncomfortable sensation.

The solution to this problem would be to drink water more often. Drinking reverses the situation and improves the taste – take regular sips. Cut down diuretics such as alcohol and coffee. Along with drinking more water, eat vegetables and fruits that are enriched with water content (for example, grapefruit, cucumber, watermelon, celery, etc.). This adds moisture by tantalizing the taste buds and stimulating the saliva glands.


Drinking water also works well in combating Phentermine dizziness effect. This is because dizziness is a resultant effect of dehydration. So as to minimize the aggravation of this symptom, avoid consuming more salt and caffeine as both cause dehydration. In some cases, lack of food leads to dizziness, therefore, eat enough but not excessively. Your daily calorie intake must be at least 1200. You should eat 4-5 small meals daily to create a balanced state of the blood sugar levels to avoid feeling light-headed. Furthermore, not only do the small meals help in keeping steady levels but they also ensure a smooth metabolism and satisfied appetite.  More specifically, incorporate iron-rich foods into your diet (for example, fortified cereals, eggs, and red meat and dark leafy greens). Combine iron with Vitamin C (eat broccoli, red peppers, and kiwis) for effective absorption.


While taking Phentermine, constipation is best relieved by more water intake since water washes away toxins and waste in the body more effectively. Drinks like soda and juice are not ideal since they worsen constipation with their high sugar levels. Avoid redefined sugars, caffeine and fats at all costs. Caffeine is a diuretic and thus, drains stools of their moisture making excretion difficult. Constipation-based bloating also requires the avoidance of artificial sweeteners and sodium.

You should also increase your fiber consumption. Consume high-fiber foods including vegetables, whole grain cereals and bread, fruits and beans. Prunes contain sorbitol, which relieves constipation since it’s a stool loosening sugar. Healthy bowel movements are promoted through physical exercise.

These tips relieve Phentermine effects which one might suffer as a result of taking Phentermine acquired either from the Canadian pharmacy meds online stores or other online drug stores. However, if they persist, seek professional intervention. Phen Caps provide an effective alternative for those wishing to discontinue their Phentermine intake; they’re good for appetite suppression too. But even these pills have unknown effects. However, consult the doctor once you plan on engaging in Phen Caps.