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Levitra in brain tumor treatmentResearchers have found that Levitra can be effective in treating patients with brain tumors. The working procedure of Levitra is that, it increases the blood supply to the genital area. The researchers also used the same principle along with Herceptin in the treatment of metastatic brain cancer.

When they combined these medications it is found that it increased the delivery of Herceptin to the brain double the time. This would lead to better treatment options for patients with breast cancer and lung cancer which would pass on to the brain. Cancer that initiate in the central nervous system are quite rare and 22,000 patients on average are affected by brain tumor every year. When the cancer spreads to the brain it becomes very difficult to treat it and it also becomes less predictable.

Levitra for brain tumor patients

Though cancer can be treated with medications, these have to pierce into the blood-brain barrier if the drug has to treat the cancer that has spread to the brain. Nature has provided a barrier on its own to protect the brain from dangerous substances. The task is to break this barrier and deliver the Levitra medication to the brain.

A researcher has studied blood-brain barrier for twenty years and from the study they decided to try erectile dysfunction medication on the patients. They took Levitra and Viagra into consideration as they both inhibit phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5).  They believed that it could increase the penetrability of the blood-brain barrier as well as improve the effectiveness of the medication.

Though the cancer medication is very effective if it cannot pass this barrier it cannot have any impact on the brain tumor. Now we are finding new medications like Levitra that can target the tumor cells.

During the clinical study on the mice, they first measured the Levitra effects on the permeability of the barrier. It is found that Levitra has increased up to two hundred percent in the amount of Herceptin that has passed on to the brain. The researchers have also found that due to the increase in the penetration of the blood-brain barrier, the effectiveness of Herceptin on treating brain tumor has improved. The combination of Levitra and Herceptin would increase the survival to twenty percent compared to the cancer medication alone.

However, the mice that do not have HER2-positive did not find any improvement in the survival but the mice with HER2 positive experienced improvement. This indicates that the survival chance can be increased in the latter. Since it is found that big molecules can cross the barrier, the researchers have planned to study about other big molecule drugs.