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provigil in usMany people are interested to buy Provigil online whether they have a prescription for it or not. Available also under the generic name, Modafinil, it is referred to as a ‘smart drug’ due to its cognition enhancing capabilities. So whether the buyer is prescribed to take Provigil, he or she may look to getting this drug for these effects. Online pharmacies provide a unique opportunity to order important medications like Provigil, and are used more often these days owing to the convenience and pricing. People who require for a genuine medical condition also benefit much when using an online pharmacy. Those who regularly buy medications online will know what to look out for but a first time user definitely requires a little guidance.

Legality of online purchase of Provigil in the US

As a US resident it is absolutely legal to get Provigil from a US-based online pharmacy. Since these online drugstores do not dispense the medication without a prescription, only those who are prescribed to take it will be able to buy the drug as licensed internet pharmacies always ask for the prescription information. However, getting a month’s supply of the brand in the US can run into hundreds of dollars. Overseas online pharmacies that sell generic variants of Provigil offer the drug for just a couple of dollars for a single pill. This makes Provigil very cheap and many prefer this option. The FDA generally does not condone buying prescription medications from international store, but neither does it stop the import of Provigil when it is ordered for personal use. Choosing a reliable online drugstore that has a well-defined return policy and refund, among other considerations will help tremendously in purchasing authentic Provigil online. 

What to look out for when you order Provigil online?

Ordering Provigil online should be a breeze once you know where to order and what to look out for. There are a number of stores and you can take your pick but you would first need to establish a safe and convenient one for placing the order. Some important factors have to be taken into account before choosing an online drugstore. Firstly, the quality of the ordered may be questionable based on the online pharmacy chosen. Different internet drugstores use different suppliers and the drug quality is likely to take a hit. Secondly, you may be able to order without a prescription online as the country of origin may not require it but if your country of residence considers as a prescription drug only then it is better to have one. Certain drug imports are not usually allowed, so placing your order at an overseas pharmacy has the risk of it getting seized by customs. All these three factors will matter in the long run, which is why you should think about all this before deciding to purchase Provigil online.