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Phentermine for weight lossGenerally, all the drugs are launched under some kind of patent protection. This is done to restrain other pharmaceutical companies from producing and selling the same drug until the patent gets expired. This process ensures the protection of the investment made by the company in the development of the medicine. Once the contract is expired others can make their own version of phentermine and the unbranded “copies” thus manufactured are known as generic phentermine pills. Generic Phentermine pills are bioequivalent to their branded counterparts. Quality, dosage forms, Safety of phentermine, strength, intended use and performance levels are all similar to that of brand formulations. E5000, E5882, E5647 etc are some common generic phentermine capsule names.

What are the differences between generic and brand formulations of phentermine?

To be honest there are almost no differences in the generic and brand phentermine capsules. They are meant to produce the same effect on our body. The active ingredients of the brand phentermine are fully identical to its generic alternative. There are few minor differences but that is due to the inactive ingredients added to the capsule during production. The primary differences between the generic and brand formulations are given below:

  1. Unlike the generic phentermine its branded counterpart contains inactive ingredients like artificial colors and corn starch is mixed with the phentermine hydrochloride to create the product easily ingestible and recognizable.
  2. All brand phentermine dietary medicines are biologically equivalent to the generic ones. The term bioequivalence signifies that both the brand and generic formulations are cautiously examined and verified to be the same and have no difference in terms of safety, efficiency, and bioavailability when the same dosage is being consumed. Thus, the active composition i.e., phentermine hydrochloride which exists in both the varieties is completely same, so when taken one can expect similar sets of results.
  3. Apart from the actual dosage and capsule forms of the generic and brand formulation of phentermine the only difference lies in the inactive component which has been mixed with the phentermine compound. These inactive compositions produce diverse effects. For example- If a resin is mixed with phentermine hydrochloride then it reduces the absorption of the active part in the body.
  4. Since the physiology of an individual differs from another individual so the reaction of` people may vary from one another on the inactive ingredients added in the brand formulations. As a result, some people find the brand formulation little more effective than its generic counterparts.
  5. Branded phentermine capsules are generally costly than the generic pills. That is why many people who prefer the generic phentermine tablets over the big brand names.

No matter what type of phentermine dietary capsules you use, it produces an almost similar effect. One can lay hands on either of these two types by ordering from online pharmacy sites.  As it is reliable and reduces effort.