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pharmacy shipping FAQsPeople worldwide are placing orders for their medications online and also a number has a lot of queries regarding the shipping and storage of the medicines. It is mandatory for online shopping sites to respond to all the queries of the customers to ensure a satisfactory purchase. Let us discuss some frequently asked online pharmacy shipping queries in some of the renowned online pharmacy sites.

Q. What is the information which needs to be provided for placing a particular order?

There is some information, which needs to be provided by you while placing an order. The name of the person along with valid contact details such as phone number and email address, a legal document of the prescription by a doctor and invoice of the order, is mandatory. If you choose the method of net banking for payment instead of cash on delivery, then all the bank details must be provided to ensure a secure payment.

Q. What are the applied security measures if I buy from this online website?

We have adopted latest security measures and checks to ensure your safe purchase. Any information of our customers should not be shared with anybody else other than the doctor and the patient. The accounts are always kept secured by using a pin number, which is only known by the customers. The linked bank accounts are secured with another latest technology, which requires either a combined pin or the fingerprints of the person.

Q. What are charges applicable during the shipping of a medicine?

There is a certain amount charged by the company as a shipping charge, which includes the amount spent on the online pharmacy drugs, to deliver it to the doorstep of the person. Though there is a difference in the amount in case of local and international orders. The shipping cost in the local arena would be comparatively less than the international arena. Some extra charges are also applied if special medication chambers or vans are needed, during delivery. Sometimes, many websites also provide free shipping as an offer, which benefits the customers and helps them to get their medicinal drug products for free.

Q. Can I know from which companies my medications are shipped?

It is the right of every customer to get all the details about their personal orders. Generally, the company ties up with several pharmaceutical companies for selling their medications. The pharmaceutical manufacturing companies like Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Aventis, Abbott, Wyeth, Ranbaxy, Cipla, SunPharma are some of the renowned companies from which most of the medications are delivered.

Q. What does the cancellation process include?

If you have already placed an order and do not need it anymore, then you can easily cancel the placed order. You just need to notify us about the issue through the registered email address or you can also call from the registered mobile number to our customer care team. After this, the cancellation can be done within 24 hours. If there is any refunding issue involved, it will also be clarified.