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What is Eulexin?

Eulexin is the trade name of Flutamide and belongs to a class of drugs called as anti-androgens and is included in hormone therapy. The drug works by blocking the action of male sex hormones. It acts as a silent antagonist of the androgen receptor (AR) and crosses the blood-brain-barrier. This medication is usually taken along with radiation treatments to provide better treatment to patients with prostate cancer. Flutamide is not a steroid and it is substituted anilide. Patients can buy Eulexin online in an easy and convenient way.

What is Eulexin used for?

The drug is used in treating prostate cancer in men. This condition is stimulated by male sex hormones. Flutamide works by reducing the effect of androgens. This in turn slows the growth as well as reduces the spread of cancer. Blood test and liver function test should be taken at regular intervals during the course of therapy. Individuals can order through Eulexin online pharmacy to get authentic pills. Get treated at initial stages after experiencing symptoms of this condition. Never delay the course of therapy as it would increase the risk of the cancer spreading

How to take Eulexin?

Flutamide is taken by mouth with or without food, generally 3 times a day. This drug is usually taken every 8 hours. Eulexin along with another drug is used in treating this condition. It is usually combined with Luteinizing (LHRH) hormone-releasing hormone. This combined medication helps in preventing the testicles from producing androgens (testosterone). It is a capsule taken by mouth. The course of therapy should be continued for the prescribed period of time to get maximum benefit from pills. The drug is available in two variants such as brand and generic. The patients can buy generic Eulexin online to get pills at a cheaper rate. Drink lots of water as well as maintain good nutrition while taking pills.

Side effects of Eulexin

Just like other drugs, Flutamide may cause some side effects. Hives, breathing troubles, nausea, upper stomach pain, loss of appetite, swelling on face, throat or tongue, weakness, itching, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice, flu-like symptoms, vomiting, diarrhea and impotency are some of the side effects. Take the exact dosage strength without exceeding it. Never over dose as it would lead to unwanted ill effects. This pill should not be taken by women and children. It is easy and convenient to get prescribed Eulexin online in recent times.

Interaction with other drugs

Individuals must have utmost care whilst taking this drug. Certain medications interact with Eulexin and can cause ill effects. Do not take aspirin along with this drug. Tell the doctor about all the medications that are currently taken including prescription drugs, over-the-counter, vitamins as well as herbal products. It is essential to discuss with the physician regarding the health conditions like liver disease, hemoglobin M disease, and genetic enzyme deficiency are a few among them. The consumption of alcohol as well as grapefruit juice should be avoided as these may cause interaction with the prostate cancer medication.