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essential information you ought to know about xanaxOne needs to know a lot about Xanax other than the fact that it is an anti-anxiety medication. Before starting to take the pill, one should learn a few important things about the drug.


Dosage should be as indicated by the doctor. General dose is 0.25 to 0.5 mg for anxiety, 0.5 mg three times a day for panic disorder and 0.5 mg three times a day for depression. It is not safe to increase or decrease the dose. When arbitrarily increased, it may lead to overdose and symptoms of overdose are a loss of coordination, confusion, drowsiness, muscle weakness, fainting and can be fatal too. If overdosed, get emergency medical help immediately.

The drug can be taken with or without food and with any liquid which contains no alcohol or grapefruit product. Do not crush or break or dissolve the tablet, before consuming.


Xanax has to be stored in a place away from heat and moisture. Keep it away from children and pets. It can make a person habituated or addicted to it. Selling or sharing the drug to another person without prescription is against the Federal law.

Who should not take the drug?

Xanax is available in many online stores. It is important to talk to the doctor whether the drug is the right option or not. The drug should not be administered to individuals affected by the following medical ailments.

  1. Kidney problems
  2. Liver problems
  3. Addiction history
  4. Allergic to any anti-anxiety, anti-depression or anti-panic disorder medications
  5. Problems in brain including seizures and epilepsy
  6. Breathing disorder including asthma
  7. History of depression
  8. History of suicidal thoughts or behavior
  9. Pregnant or breastfeeding

Pregnant women should not consume Xanax as it causes serious birth defects. Babies would become dependent on the drug when they are born. Breastfeeding while using the drug can cause sedation, inability to feed properly and other effects.

A child less than 18 years of age should not be given this drug without doctor’s approval.

Side effects

Even if all instructions and directions given by the doctor are followed, certain side effects are common while using Xanax. These side effects might wade off within a few weeks or within weeks from stopping the medicine. Common side effects include drowsiness, memory problems, anxiety in the morning, slurred speech, lack of balance, extreme tiredness and lack of co-ordination.

Allergic reactions to the drug include difficulty in breathing, swelling of any part of the face and hives. When any allergic reaction is experienced, stop the drug and talk to the doctor immediately.

Serious side effects may occur in a few people. On account of experiencing any serious side effects, stop the drug immediately and consult the doctor.

Common serious side effects are

  1. Depression or suicidal thoughts
  2. Racing thoughts, confusion, and hallucination
  3. Increased energy and unusual risk-taking tendency
  4. Uncontrolled movement of limbs
  5. Tremor or seizure
  6. Pounding heartbeat
  7. Agitation

Each individual is different and their reaction with Xanax can be unique.

Drug interaction

Xanax interacts with a lot of other drugs like antifungal drugs, HIV drugs, painkillers, other depression drugs, anti-anxiety drugs, panic attack drugs, diabetes medications, vitamin pills and so on. The interaction may cause harmful effects or would reduce the efficiency of Xanax.

Read the description given in the leaflet provided whilst purchasing Xanax and also instructions given by the doctor. If they both contraindicate, then adhere to the instructions given by the doctor. Xanax is not a simple drug to play around with.