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Levitra in womenThe drug Levitra is for treating impotency in men and not in women. But, some women take this medication to sort out their sexual issues. On the other hand, there are also curious women who want to try Levitra without prescription though they are not suffering from sexual dysfunction. In this blog, we are going to look about it in detail and what effects it can cause in women.

Is Levitra recommended for women?

No, the FDA does not recommend this medication for women both who are having sexual issues and those who simply wants to take this erectile dysfunction pill out of curiosity. When a woman is there in the reproductive age then the drug would have some long term effect on giving birth. This is one of the reasons why the authorities and doctors do not recommend Levitra for women.

What happens when Levitra is taken by women?

There are many women who take this medication though they know that this medication is not suitable for them. A woman in Texas reported that “I could not forget a headache that I suffered after I took Levitra. It is not worth when compared to the effects that it provided on me. I am not going to try it again”.

An anonymous woman said that “when I took the medication last week, I could feel the increase in the sensitivity. The medication did not boost my arousal but it made me more sensitive to the outer world”.

During a study, we found that most of the women who do not have sexual issues and are perfectly normal just wanted to take the medication to check whether it would improve their experience or not.

There is no clear evidence on the long-term ill effects that it might cause on a woman hence it is definitely not safe to be taken. There are women who become dependent on this pill and this is really a sad fact.

Should not woman take Levitra at all?

A health care professional might prescribe this medication to a woman in some cases and only at this point of time; you can go about taking Levitra pills. A doctor would be instructing women to take only during postmenopausal period.

This would avoid the trouble that it causes during the reproductive period. However, even in this phase, you have to take this drug with the dose that is prescribed to you.

Is there any chance for Levitra to improve sexual performance in women?

It is not possible to generally say whether the medication improves the sexual performance in women or not. But, we might believe that taking the pills would increase the flow of blood in the body thus solve the sexual dysfunction.

Do not go about taking the pills just by reading this blog. You might ask the queries to your health care professional and if they find that Levitra might provide some benefits to you then with their help start taking the pills. It is essential to be cautious throughout the treatment period.