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Drug SafetyAs we know, in the past few years, medical science has taken a great leap, which has benefited us, a lot. Simultaneously, you can new medicines from a pharmacy online or from a physical drugstore as a number of medicines have also been introduced, which leads to our health improvement. Nowadays, instead of acting as a cure, they are posing serious threats to our health. The medicines which are manufactured by a pharmacy online to improve our health conditions are becoming the sole reason of its deterioration

How medications are handled after being shipped?

The properties of a medicine not only depend on its chemical history but they also depend on the storage conditions, which are different in case of different medicines. But these factors, which if not considered, can cause serious health threats, are becoming the daily ‘bread and butter’ of pharmacy company and drug manufacturers. These manufacturers and agents offer medicines at a much discounted rate, when compared to other chain companies, which attracts a lot of customers. The reason behind offering such a strategy is that the manufacturing companies need not to cover any extra charges which, most of the time, are included in the storage and shipping processes. These drug storage procedures include expenses which are absolutely ignored by such pharmacies that sell prescription drugs online or manufacturers especially, while delivering the products to your doorstep. Thus, you should think twice before you purchase your prescribed medicine.

Improper Handling of Medications can affect its performance

These pharmacy companies are carrying on their sales business on illegal terms. They are continuously violating the rules of the pharmacy, which are included in the storage conditions of the medicines. These violations of rules affect the lives of the people, who consume such medicine. There are some medicines which need to be maintained a certain condition, especially a particular temperature. During the time of delivering medicines to the doorstep, they hardly take any safety measures to meet the conditions and requirements of the medicine. No special temperature and humidity controlled vehicles or apparatus are organised for the delivery, which almost destroys the properties of the medicine and leads to negligible health improvement. In some cases, many side effects are also involved, which leads to further health deterioration. Storing the medicines and drugs at room temperature for a continuously long period of time causes severe health hazards.

Notices for Pharmacies by USP

There are a few guidelines and measures framed by the USP, which has some issued set of notices and requirements for the pharmacy companies. According to this, there are some considerations provided during the time of delivery and distribution. In this case, they are provided with time duration of 24 hours and temperature of 59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit which is considered as a standard temperature. The temperature in vehicles varies in the summer and winter season, as recommended by the USP. In case of the shipment of medicines to abroad, the scenario is almost the same. As USP has no framed rules and regulations for the ones who violate the medication rules, it is only the common masses, who need to protest against such violation.