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Does-valium-really-help-in-treating-alcohol-withdrawal-syndromeAlcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) is the term given to the symptoms that occur when a prolonged drinker abruptly stops his alcohol intake. It is very difficult for a person consuming alcohol to stop taking it all of a sudden as he may experience the symptoms within 6 hours or even after few days after his last intake of alcohol. It can be harmful to stop such habits just like that as the person may experience physical and emotional problems like hallucinations ( a condition where a person happens to see something which is actually not present there), fever, hatred, nightmares, and seizures.

What can be done to treat AWS? The symptoms of AWD should be treated with much care as it can cause anxiety, fatigue and can also be life-threatening. Taking medications at the early or initial stage is the best way to treat AWS as if left untreated it causes side effects and at times the person may start to consume alcohol again without being able to control his urge. The person will be given treatment based on his age and the severity of the symptoms. In most cases, the AWS patient is prescribed with benzodiazepines like valium to make the withdrawing effect less dreadful. Valium is the best medication available in the market to treat AWS. It is available in different dosages and it can be taken either orally or intravenously based on the severity of the symptom.

Getting these medications from online drug store is the best way as here the person can try a medicine and if it does not provide expected relief he can get prescribed with higher dosage of that medicine. This is because while ordering medications from online drug stores the person can compare with other available medications and he can also know about its effect. But he cannot do the same in case of nearby medical stores.

Why is valium used in treating AWS?

Studies show that nearly 71% of people trying stop consuming alcohol abruptly, experience symptoms of AWS. The symptom of AWS is often treated with an anti-anxiety medication such as valium as they work on the nerve cells in the brain that causes excitement while consuming alcohol. When the patient is suffering from severe side effects like extreme confusions or convulsions he is given a higher dosage of this pill combining with antipsychotics or anticonvulsants intravenously. Diazepam or valium is the most prescribed medication to treat AWS as its effects remain for a longer duration when compared to others.

How valium helps in treating AWS?

As it is an anti-anxiety pill, it works by affecting the level of chemicals in the brain making it to function slower by stopping the abnormal activities. By doing this it produces a calming effect on the person. It also produces side effects that are actually beneficial to the person consuming the pill as it alters the mood of the person and changes his mind to a relaxed state which is the most necessary thing needed for a person suffering from symptoms of AWS.

Do’s and dont’s while taking this pill

The person taking this pill to treat AWS symptoms should take it only as prescribed by the doctor. Initially, a lower dose of this pill is given every 1 to 2 hours which can be increased if it is ineffective. Improvement will definitely be witnessed by individual taking this pill after increasing the dosage strength. The person taking this pill is not supposed to take it along with alcohol as they can become addictive easily and may experience serious side effects as both of them are central nervous depressants that may lead to memory loss, lack of coordination and at times they slow down the breathing rate thus causing death.