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Provigil has caused cataplexy in few patients without narcolepsy. In a case, there was an old man aged 60 who suffered from excessive daytime sleepiness and there were also other conditions like sleep apnea and snoring for him. Unfortunately, during a test for narcolepsy, the result was positive though he does not suffer from this condition which prompted the doctor to start the treatment with modafinil. The patient was given 100 mg Modafinil per day. The patient started to experience mood swings, loss of muscle tonus, especially cataplexy.  This is a condition in which, a person suddenly collapses if they experience strong emotion or laughter. A person in this condition would be aware on what is happening around but could not respond back. It would take few minutes to recover from this state and to become normal. The person has actually experienced all these due to the intake of Provigil though he doesn’t suffer from narcolepsy. Let us look briefly on whether provigil caused cataplexy in people without narcolepsy or with it.

Why provigil is taken?

Provigil is a medication that is taken to treat excessive sleepiness in a person. It has the active ingredient named modafinil, which plays the major role in helping the patients to get rid of excessive daytime sleepiness. When a patient with this condition takes provigil, it gives them better result on it. But, there are also many people who take provigil over-the-counter. In this case, people experience certain negative symptoms due to the lack of guidance.

Do Healthy people get cataplexy due to provigil?

It is not clearly known whether provigil has triggered side effects like cataplexy or not in healthy people. In the above mentioned case, the patient was a 60 year old man. . It is very important to know that, age might be also a factor for developing this side effect in him. Very few who took provigil like this patient experienced cataplexy. There are many people who are not affected by narcolepsy and take provigil for various reasons. They all experience positive effect from this medication. Though provigil triggered cataplexy in few people not all who take this medication would experience this side effect.

Should you take provigil without narcolepsy?

You can definitely take provigil, if your medical specialist has instructed you to take this medication for other medical conditions though not affected by narcolepsy. A doctor would know the specifications like what should be suggested and what not to be. So, you can definitely follow the advice provided by them. But, provigil is not suggested for those who buy this drug without the prescription. It is a risk to self-examine and get treated just by surfing online. We would not suggest provigil to people who purchase over-the-counter and there is a major reason behind it. Firstly, provigil is very addictive in nature hence there is high risk of getting addicted. Secondly, when taking provigil without consultation, you might get side effects like cataplexy. To avoid any ill effects like cataplexy or addiction, never take provigil without seeking medical advice. Self-treating might also be the reason behind experiencing cataplexy while taking provigil without narcolepsy.