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Propecia meds work for male pattern baldnessHair loss in men

Almost 65% of the men in the world suffer from baldness and many men fear of losing hair, thus leading to low self-confidence as well as in increasing the stress level. Baldness is very common and it happens to nearly every man but the time span will vary from person to person. It gradually happens between a span of ten to fifteen years, but some men start balding earlier. The most common reasons are genetics, unhealthy eating habits, stress, vitamin A deficiency, thyroid disease and intake of the certain type of medication. Whatever the reason may be, baldness is always frustrating. It is also said that men with bald relatives from the maternal side are at more risk. Baldness is one which causes severe mental or physical suffering.

How does the hair grow and what causes baldness in men?

Hair is grown from the hair follicles which are present just under the scalp or the skin surface. It takes 3 years for the hair to grow and when it is shed, the new hair grows from the hair follicle. This the hair growth cycle happens throughout your life. When this cycle stops, then you are vulnerable to baldness. The main cause of losing hair is due to male sex hormones, testosterone, which gets converted to dihydrotestosterone. Hair follicles are very sensitive thus making it become thin. Initially, the hair gradually diminishes in the temple and crown areas. Later the hair starts to fall out and this causes baldness in men.

How Propecia helps in male pattern baldness?

Propecia is the medication used in treating male pattern baldness. Many men have benefitted by using Propecia after taking it for 3 months. This drug helps you in stopping the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, thus preventing it from affecting the scalp. The hair grows from the new hair follicle and the most important factor is that it stops hair loss in other regions. When the hair starts receding from temple region, it is a good idea to take treatment as soon as possible because it is difficult to make the hair grow from the bald area. It is pointless for you to worry about hair loss because you already have a safe remedy and it is Propecia.

What is the dosage strength that can be taken to regrow hair?

Each man has different factors that lead to balding and even the body type differs so it is better to consult your physician before taking the pill. The prescribed dosage can be taken once daily. If you had missed a pill takes it as soon as you remember. Since it is taken once daily there is no possibility of overdose. It is very important that you should never increase the dosage strength without medical assistance. Propecia is only for men and you should never share the medication with anyone. It is not wise to combine Propecia with any other medications so tell all details to your doctor before taking it and the person gets benefited only from the regular use of the medication.

When can I stop taking Propecia?

Stopping the intake of Propecia would make the balding to return. If you are successful with the treatment of Propecia, then, it is good to continue with the medication. As long as you take a pill, it will regrow hair and halt the balding process. The medication should be stopped when there is no effect on you and when you get any ill effects. Side effects are very rare and it happens in 1 in 100 men who take Propecia.