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Propecia help to regrow hair in menBaldness is very common in men and the risk of this condition increases with age. The span of balding occurs between five to fifteen years and it could vary from one person to another. Some men get to bald earlier but there are chances to retain hair when it is treated at the initial stages. Men fear about losing hair and they take many chances to regrow it. There are many factors like genetics, Stress, unhealthy eating habits, vitamin A deficiency, thyroid problem and negative impact of certain medications that cause baldness in men. One of the best recommendation is to take Propecia, which happens to the brand formulation of generic Finasteride. Does Propecia help to regrow hair in men is the question that would be in the minds of every men suffering from baldness. Yes, this drug helps men battling baldness to regrow hair from the thin hair follicles thereby controlling hair loss.

The main cause of hair loss is due to the male sex hormone called as testosterone. Usually the hair is grown from the hair follicles that are present in the scalp. The male hormone testosterone gets converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and the reason behind the conversion is not known. The hair follicles are very sensitive to DHT and it leads to hair loss. At initial stages, hair falls loss is concentrated in the crown and temple areas, and if this condition is not treated it would lead to baldness. It is not known why the conversion of the male hormone does not affect hair in other parts of the body. Propecia prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT hence hair loss is controlled gradually. Hair follicles would have become thin due to this condition, but Finasteride, the active ingredient contained in the drug enables hair regrowth from the thin follicles. The hair loss drug regrows the hair, simultaneously inhibiting the process of balding. Since it is very difficult to regrow hair from the bald area, it is important to get treated at the initial stage. To get authentic pills, it is advised to purchase the pill from Canadian online pharmacies at an affordable rate.

Will I be able to retain hair growth after discontinuing Propecia?

The hair growth drug is very effective in treating condition like male pattern baldness. The medication should be taken for at least 3 months of time to achieve visible changes in the scalp. It takes some period of time for the hair to regrow completely. When the intake of drug is discontinued, there are chances for hair loss because the conversion of male hormones starts to occur again. Some men lost hair initially but at later point of time, it grew again in their scalp region. Hence, it is difficult to generalize the pattern of hair regrowth.

How to handle Propecia withdrawal symptoms?

When you experience any withdrawal symptom it is wise to consult the doctor before starting the course of therapy again. Do not take any two hair loss drugs together as it would reverse the effect. Since the medication is taken only once in a day chances of overdosing are very minimal. It is important to consult the doctor before taking the pill and take only the prescribed dosage strength. Propecia is only for treating baldness in men so women should not take it. Keep the pills out of reach of children and store in a dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. The most important factor to get benefit from the pills is to take only the prescribed dosage strength.