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Do you want to know what causes erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction is all about, how a physical erection does not occur. Relaxed muscle allows blood to rush into the cylindrical spongy tissue in the erection chamber. It creates increased pressure in the tissues and causes erection. The valves prevent blood flow which flows back through the veins. The hardness remains until the stimulation stops.

The normal erectile dysfunction is due to the following two reasons,

• Improper Blood flow
• Hormones malfunction

The major functions which disturb erectile dysfunction are highly due to vascular causes which are due to blood flow and nerve signals failure which is the neurological causes.

Atherosclerosis is caused due to diabetes and smoking which affects the narrowing of the arteries in the penis. Diabetes may cause neuropathy which is a nerve-damaging disease. Some other common types of neurological causes are stroke and spinal cord injury.

How does erectile dysfunction occur due to physical issues?

It is good to consult a doctor regarding the erectile dysfunction which may lead to serious issues. Whatever type of cause it may be .i.e., whether it may be simple or serious, proper counselling should be given which could resolve sexual disabilities.

Some of the causes of erectile dysfunction are as follows,

• Diabetes
• Blood pressure
• Cholesterol
• Metabolic syndrome
• Narrowing of blood vessels
• Smoking and alcohol.

How do psychological factors cause erectile dysfunction?

Some people suffer erectile dysfunction who has never achieved erection before. This kind of ED is due to some psychological factors such as,

• Guilt
• Depression
• anxiety

Nowadays erectile dysfunction became the major issue for men. Most of the erectile dysfunction are due to mental stress or illness which occur due to daily issues or stress factors.
Some people face this issue every now and then this can be treated only by bringing them to a normal stature where they feel comfortable. Some of the remedies that can be taken to solve or to avoid erectile dysfunction are,

Drinking coffee avoids erectile dysfunction:

Recent researches have proved that intake of coffee 2 to 3 glasses a day could prevent of erectile dysfunction.

Intake of fruits:

Men should consume or eat more fruits that consist of flavonoids in them. Fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and citrus fruits could reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

What is the major cause for erectile dysfunction?

Does driving motorcycle affect?

Researchers have raised certain questions that, do people who regularly drive motorcycles suffer erectile dysfunction? Yes, some men who ride motorcycles often or regularly face this issue and addition to it they suffer infertility.

On the other hand, some physicians say that there is a relation between a driving motorcycle and erectile dysfunction.

Does mental stress cause erectile dysfunction?

Men face too many stress in their day to day life. They are the one who takes care of their families and also works for them. Men play a vital role in the family and in the society at such case they had to suffer a lot of mental stress this make their blood pressure increase resulting in malfunctioning of important valves. This is the major cause of erectile dysfunction.

These factors work slowly in their body which is not noticed in midst of their busy schedule. And hence it is recommended that men could often undergo some medical checkup which might help them prevent or which could avoid erectile dysfunction.

What should you do to avoid erectile dysfunction?

Other than the normal ways to prevent being affected by erectile dysfunction one has to know how to overcome after being affected by erectile dysfunction. There can be any number of solutions but medication .i.e., treating the patient with oral medication is the only solid source that can be used without affecting the brain or one’s emotional feeling.

Some of the oral medicines which could treat this disorder are, Cialis, Viagra, staxyn, and Levitra. Levitra is one of the commonly used oral tablets that is used to erectile dysfunction. Levitra reduces the muscle tension in the blood vessels and causes free blood vessels.

How to treat erectile dysfunction using Levitra?

One should know about his health before using this medicine. It is recommended to suggest a doctor before you use the drug. Because some people do not resist this medicine. Some of the points which one should note before using the drug. Inform of your doctor regarding the health issues you face,

• Heart disease
Blood pressure
• Liver ailments and kidney disease
• Ulcer
• Eye disorder

How to use Levitra?

Make sure that the drug is prescribed to you by your regular physician. Also, check whether your body is resistant to the drug. If in case you face any kind of irregularity in your health seek your doctor’s help immediately.

Some things that you should avoid while consuming Levitra

Avoid grapefruit which interacts with one of the components of the drug which leads to some side effects.
Avoid alcohol when you consume Levitra.
Do not use any other drugs when you use Levitra.