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Online pharmacy types

  • Traditional mail order pharmacies

A genuine mail order pharmacy ask for the medical script that you got from a doctor. The cost of the medications is very much low on these sites compared to the traditional brick and mortar stores as well as the sites that provide online doctor consultation. US national chains, Canadian sites, few in Australia, Israel, India, United Kingdom and New Zealand comes under this category.

A person might be able to procure all the prescription drugs from them like how you find in your neighborhood.

  • Remote consulting pharmacies

Some people be in a search to get prescription online than through a medical specialist in person. The site that provides this service is known as remote consulting pharmacies or remote prescribing store. These websites work with the over the net doctor who analyze the health condition of the person through the medical history and provide a prescription. They offer an online medical script only when they are in genuine need of the drug.

These sites only offer medications that do not require several medical attention. People do say that it is safe to consult with an online physician for treating erectile dysfunction similar to the offline medical specialist.

However, it would be the best idea not to do online consultation when you buy meds from the legitimate online pharmacy. Some states are against remote medical consultations. In places like Hawaii, it is legal to get an over the net consultation for non-controlled medicines through video or phone conversation. Federal law is against internet consultations especially for prescribing controlled substance.

  • No prescription pharmacies

Some store offer you to order medication online without any prescription. This can be extremely dangerous to a person. Your health would be put at risk as they are selling only counterfeit medications. In worst case scenario, they utilize your credit card details which mean that there are chances of identity theft. Never procure drugs from these sites and get held up on any issue.

Medications sold by mail order pharmacies

Not all the internet based store would sell the wide range of prescription drugs and most of them would offer that fall under a particular category. We are going to mention some category of mail order pharmacies depending upon the medications that they provide to the customers.

  1. Complete range of drugs including prescription, over-the-counter, health as well as beauty products.
  2. Some internet based would sell over 500 drugs. This includes nearly all the prescription medication that are offered by a physical drugstore.
  3. Few sites would cover up to 250 to 499 prescription medications.
  4. There are sites that concentrate only on popular drugs like only top ten to fifteen prescription medications.
  5. Web sites that sell lifestyle medications like hair growth, sexual improvement pills, smoking cessation, herpes, contraception and weight loss.
  6. Some online store concentrate on selling only specialized drugs like pain relievers, anti-anxiety medications or pills for any specific medical conditions.