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phentermine genuinenessIt is very important to get Phentermine in its genuine quality. A lot of people end up getting spurious or adulterated Phentermine pills without knowing how to check the authenticity of these drugs. It is high time you fight back the illegitimate pharmacies that supply fake pills. Read this blog to know how to identify real pills. After reading them, you will be able to spot fake or real Phentermine meds. You can ensure the genuineness by verifying this checklist. Go learn!

Open the pack

When you receive your Phentermine pills, first thing you need to do is to open it immediately and check if the name on the label is right. See if your name and your doctor’s name are proper as per the prescription. Do not think it is okay for certain spelling errors on the label. What you assume as spelling error could actually be a real mistake. Paying attention to details is very crucial in order to know if you have received real Phentermine pills when you order them online.

Read the label properly

In addition to checking for the name on the label, it is equally important to read the directions on the label. Check if this is what was told by your doctor also. You also need to check the dosage strength of the pill if it is as on the prescription. If the dosage is different even in minute quantities you need to consider changing your medicines. You can also ask a pharmacist if you do not know how to read a pharmacy label so that you are sure that you have obtained only real Phentermine pills.

Check the appearance of Phentermine

To be sure that you have ordered real Phentermine, checking everything matters. Open the bottle and see if this pill was what you got even the last time. Check the pill shape, size, color, texture, smell and everything else that comes to your mind. You can even check what is written on the pill i.e. the pill name, dosage strength, symbol etc. Sometimes, there are chances that your pharmacist would have filled in generic pills and you will forget to check and will gradually begin continuing your treatment. If you feel that the looks or the shape are slightly different than what you bought last time, then you will have to return them immediately or check with your nearby pharmacist to confirm the genuineness. Mistakes do happen, so get worried or get furious. Just relax and think how to proceed further.

Notice other instruction on the label

If the directions mentioned on how to consume the pill are different from what your doctor advised you, then you need to read the label carefully. Read thoroughly all the available information and compare them to your previous bottle or to your doctor’s instructions. Check if this particular med can treat your condition. You can also look into the ingredients in order to be certain if your phentermine is real. You can trace out if some generic ingredients have been included in the pill. If so, then your Phentermine is not real and it could be a fake or a generic one. Also check if the bottle is intact with the seal.