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What is Cordarone?

Cordarone is the trade-name for the generic formulation amiodarone and it is used for treating irregular heartbeat conditions. It was discovered in the year 1961 and is identified as the most important medicines in the basic health care system. It is also sold under other brand-names such as Paceron and Nexterone. The medicine can be purchased online in any Cordarone online pharmacy.

What is Cordarone used for?

Categorized as a class III antiarrhythmic agent, the medicine is very effective in treating multiple types of cardiac dysrhythmias or arrhythmia. This is a condition where the heart beat is irregular in the sense that it is either too slow or too fast. Such irregularities occurring on a severe or unmanageable level can only be treated by antiarrhythmic agents like amiodarone. Anyone can buy Cordarone online from many reputable online pharmacies. But the initial dose of the medicine must only be taken in a hospital setting. Aside from this condition the medicine is also used in the treatment of ventricular fibrillation, a heart problem that is defined as erratic electrical impulses and rapid heartbeats. This medicine is only used in emergency cases when the heart disorder becomes life-threatening.

How to take Cordarone?

The drug comes in the form of a tablet and an injection, but the initial dose must only be taken under doctor’s supervision as this enables the doctor to monitor the heart condition of the patient and the patient’s response to the treatment. The consequent doses can be taken by the patient himself but by strictly adhering to the instructions provided by the doctor. It can be taken either with or without food. It needs to be taken in the same form each and every time meaning, one should not shift between the tablet and injection. If one gets generic cordarone online it is better to use only the generic version for the whole course of therapy. Frequent medical tests are in order, as amiodarone has long lasting effects on the body. Any effect on the eye, liver or any other function of the body must be checked and rectified immediately.

Side effects of Cordarone

Some side effects that occur with the medicine are classified as less severe while other are classified as severe side effects that need to be reported immediately. Less severe side effects include:

Severe side effects for which the doctor should be contacted are:

Interactions with other drugs

There are many drugs that interact with the functioning of this medicine. Tell your doctor about all the medicine that you take and especially about if you are taking the ones in below list.

A doctor can inform you about all these drug interactions when you approach him/her to get a prescription. With a prescription at hand you can get prescribed cordarone online which is safer way to get the medicine.