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Product Description

Those who suffer from different types of erectile dysfunctions have many reasons to choose ConfidoIt is considered to be an effective drug for the treatment of various forms of erectile dysfunction. ED or erectile dysfunction is a condition when testosterone circulation gets reduced and the blood becomes inadequate. This leads to different types of erectile problems including lack of erection, inadequate erection, premature ejaculation and various other such problems.

The drug has an androgenic property. This helps a lot in improving testosterone levels and also increases sperm count significantly. Confido works by helping ejaculation through the neuroendocrine route. It is therefore very suitable for treating seminal insufficiency and disabilities. It increases sexual desire and drive, and also helps to manage anxiety when a man is performing sex.


Confido is used to treat general and specific conditions like voluntary ejaculation or excessive ejaculation. It also is used for treating premature ejaculation and nocturnal emissions. Therefore, it offers a combined and holistic approach to those who are suffering from different types of erectile dysfunction problems.

How it works?

Confido drug has quite a few active ingredients including Small Caltrops, which is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac. It helps to increase semen count and also plays an active part in improving libido and sexual function.

It is also known to improve the quality of the penile tissue. It comes with a compound or substance known as Protodioscin, which is considered to be a precursor to testosterone.

Additionally, it also contains Velvet Bean and Cowhage which also is useful for managing decreased sexual functions. It also is found to be very effective in increasing sperm count and giving a push to libido and sexual functions.


Confido dosage could vary from patient to patient and therefore, it would be better to check with the doctor, who would prescribe the optimal dosage taking into account your specific conditions and requirements.