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Combining Tramadol and alcohol is it safeOne of the top warnings that is visibly written on the Tramadol pills package is not to combine Tramadol with alcohol. This warning is not followed diligently and has often led to many cases wherein persons have faced severe problems due to combining the two items. The primary reason that the two substances are not recommended to be taken together is because they can increase the effects of each other and it can lead to serious side effects. Tramadol, the brand version of the drug Ultram, is an opiate pain reliever that is prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. Due to the properties of the drug, it is indicated only for short-term use as an analgesic as prolonged use can cause addiction or drug abuse. The habit of drinking alcohol, even on social occasions, should be avoided at any cost while taking pain medication such as tramadol or soma.

What happens when Tramadol alcohol is mixed?

As an opiate drug, Tramadol releases the feelings of sedation and euphoria simultaneously. Alcohol produces similar effects by stimulating the brain and elevating anxiety. The effects of intoxication can become multifold when the two are mixed and taken. A person’s normal metabolism cannot withstand this assault on the physical wellness and this causes the person to experience severe side effects. Similar to having a hangover, the drug’s interaction with alcohol leads to nausea, headaches, dizziness, blacking out, loss of memory, and vomiting. The potent mix can even lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. This is an extremely dangerous condition as the person may not be aware of his or her actions and may actually end up taking life-threatening decisions. There are also chances of drug overdose happening, which the person may not usually do when not intoxicated with alcohol.

Tramadol high and the danger of abuse

Many people who are aware of the Tramadol high take the pills recreationally. Such usage is not regulated and the dosage is not consistent. Taking opiates when not specifically prescribed for any health condition is a form of abuse. If the person who takes the pill does not feel any high within an hour of taking the drug, then he or she is likely to pop another pill without a care as to the danger of doing so. This can increase the drug tolerance in a person, thereby raising the dosage in order to feel its opioid effects. When taken along with alcohol, the addiction levels keep increasing and it becomes more difficult to stop taking the pills. Alcoholism already weakens the immune system and compromises the health. Any instance of overdose may become life-threatening, including death.

How long after drinking alcohol can a person take Tramadol?

There may be times when you may require taking pain meds for any health condition. If you are already under the influence of alcohol then it is better to wait until it has metabolized completely, the effects have worn off and has become eliminated from the blood stream. This is necessary to prevent the suppressing of the central nervous system by both the drug and the alcohol. Do not stop taking Tramadol suddenly as you may experience withdrawal symptoms if not weaned off properly. Physicians recommend a gradual reduction in the dosage and other methods that can be followed that will not affect the person when stopping the medication. If you intend to have a few drinks, then wait for the drug’s effects to wear off from the system. Avoid lethal side effects by not combining the two highly potent substances. Seek professional help when dealing with drug abuse as it is easier to wind down on the problem with assistance.