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codeine-vs-somaPain can be hard to deal with. Many people experience different form of pain every other day in their life. Some undergo mental pain whilst others suffer from physical pain. Pain that has been chronic is excruciating and one finds it very difficult to cope with. When it comes to pain, all one can do is to yell or pop in a pain reliever. Someone who has a severe toothache, knee ache, pain post-surgery or a fracture knows how severe and painful the pain could be. But with the advancements in medicinal fields, one doesn’t have to suffer this pain for long. There are many medications available today that can address your sensations of pain no matter how mild or severe it may be. You just have to take the med and lay silent to allow the pain to dwindle away. Codeine and soma are two powerful medications that can alleviate your pain in a very less time than what you would have imagined. Next time you are suffering from pain, switch to codeine or soma and get yourself relieved from the pain. Read this article to know more about the effectiveness of codeine and soma, the two wonderful pain relievers.


Codeine is an opioid medication which is sometimes also known as a narcotic. The med can treat pain ranging from mild to severe leaving you free from the ache. It is also referred to as 3 methymorphine. It can efficiently heal any degree of pain whether in the category of moderate or critical. This medicine can yield higher benefits if it is taken along with acetaminophen or aspirin. The drug is ingested by a person via mouth and its action begins within an hour and half to alleviate the pain. Its effects can last as long as four to six hours and sometimes even longer.


Soma on the other hand is a muscle relaxer and works by blocking the sensations of pain between the nerves and the brain. It is used along with adequate rest and physical therapy for enhanced results. It can treat any kind of injury and other painful musculoskeletal conditions effectively. It is a centrally acting muscle relaxant belonging to the class carbamate. The med creates all the effects that barbiturate receptor ligands are associated with. It can either be found alone or blended with aspirin at times. It is soluble in water and easily soluble in chloroform, ethanol and acetone.

Codeine is a very good pain reliever and a lot of people take it regularly and feel incomplete or dependent without taking it. Those who suffer pain from accidents find codeine very helpful and extremely relieving. Soma being a muscle relaxer can soothe tired muscles to become free from all sorts of ache. Those who have taken soma for quite a long time have found it very supportive and they say that they are able to treat any sort of muscle pain even severe in a very less time. Both codeine and soma are highly effective medications in mitigating any grave pain.