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Product Information

Celebrex, which is the brand name for Celecoxib, is classified as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It helps relieve pain and also to bring down inflammation. The drug is typically prescribed to treat conditions like painful menstruation, acute pain, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

Celebrex may be bought with a valid prescription. The drug may be used in children diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis but should not be administered to any child who is less than two years old. Though it is not a cure, the pain relieving effects of this drug aids very much in improving physical movement.

How does the medication work?

Celebrex works by inhibiting the conversion of arachidonic acid to prostaglandin precursors, which produces the effects of analgesia. The drug has a biological half-life of about 7.8 hours, which varies according to the metabolism rate of persons with hepatic impairment.

Celebrex is known to produce severe side effects with long-term use and if taken in very high doses. Despite the drug having analgesic effects similar to paracetamol and ibuprofen which have far fewer side effects and cost cheaper too, millions of Celebrex prescriptions are written every year. Medical researchers continue to conduct trials for this drug to check its efficacy in other conditions as well.

Medication Dosage Strengths

The Drug is available for use in the form capsules in the dosage strengths of 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg and 400 mg. It is always recommended to take Celebrex according to the prescription as it would have the dosage and course specifications that are suited to your health condition. The medical practitioner may initially prescribe the minimum dosage of 50 mg and then titrate to higher doses based on the response to the treatment. The dosage information for various ailments is given below.

For osteoarthritis, the typical Celebrex dose recommended is 200 mg in a day. If required, this dose may be split into two 100 mg doses and administered on a twice daily basis.

Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms may be relieved by taking Celebrex in 100 mg or 200 mg doses twice every day, depending on the severity of the condition. For children diagnosed with this illness, the drug is administered based on the weight which may be 50 mg for patients weighing between 10 and 25 kg, and 100 mg for patients weighing 25 kg. A child less than two years of age should never be given Celebrex. If swallowing the capsule is difficult, the medication may be mixed with applesauce and then given.

Ankylosing Spondylitis is another condition where the pain can be relieved by taking Celebrex. 200 mg may be administered daily as a single dose or in split doses. In case no efficacy is felt after a few weeks, the dose may be hiked to 400 mg.

How to take the medication?

Celebrex should always be done according to the dosage information provided by the healthcare professional. One can also read the package insert that is provided on the drug’s prescription label. One should never take the medication in doses higher than recommended.

Also, the lowest possible should always be considered before taking Celebrex in a higher dose. If the drug happens to upset your stomach then it may be taken with food, but it is not always required to take in this manner.

Missing a dose and overdose

Celebrex is mostly taken only as needed and so it is not likely to miss a dose. If you are on a dosing schedule then the forgotten dose should be taken as soon as you remember to do so unless the timing clashes with the next scheduled dose. Do not double the dose or take doses closer together in case of a missed dose, but skip the missed dose entirely.

Under circumstances where one overdosed on Celebrex, do not delay in getting emergency medical assistance.

Precautionary Information

Celebrex use can be made safe by following a few general precautions as given below.

Side Effects Of Medication

Celebrex can cause certain side effects with use. In the case of any allergic reactions, stop using the drug get medical attention immediately. The mild symptoms usually go away but if they are severe or persistent then you must seek emergency medical help.

Common side effects of Celebrex may be:

Severe side effects of Celebrex may be:

Drug Interactions

Always consult with you health care provider before taking Celebrex so as to ensure that the drug is safe to use. You can avoid potentially dangerous drug interactions by disclosing any medications that you may be taking including prescription pills, over the counter drugs, vitamin or mineral supplements, and other herbal formulations. These can combine to produce very harmful effects. Some of the drugs likely to interact with Celecoxib are:

For a complete guide to the most likely drug interactions, refer your healthcare provider for advice.