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Canadian PharmacyThere are several “rogue” pharmacies available online that loot the money of the people and provide substandard products. To help you fight against these pharmacies, we are providing you with a checklist to ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of illegal pharmacies available on the internet. By using this checklist you can be assured about the genuineness of the pharmacy. We will explain you each point in the checklist one by one.

A verified license from Canadian Authority

The Canadian pharmacy online should have a verified license from a Canadian authority that gives license to the pharmacies to sell the medicines online. If the pharmacy does not have the required license then do not make an order from such a pharmacy.

Pharmacy should have a brick and cement branch

Please check that the online pharmacy you are buying drugs from has a brick and mortar branch in Canada. If the pharmacy does not have a brick and mortar branch it may be “rogue” or an illegal entity.

Pharmacy should have a phone number to support customers

All legitimate Canadian pharmacies online have a phone number to support the customers. Make sure the pharmacy has a customer support number and experienced pharmacist support the customers on a call about medication.

Pharmacy should have all the drugs available

The best mail order drugstore should not only sell the lifestyle drugs such as the impotence drugs, weight loss drugs, and narcotic painkillers. They should have other generic drugs for curing different diseases available in their drug store.

Relevant fees and services should be clearly displayed

All services provided by the internet pharmacy should be clearly displayed on the website with a price. The legitimate drugstores do not hide anything from the customers of the online drug store.

Pharmacy should not promote any sensation

The pharmacy should not give any sensational news about the drugs available to them that can cure the incurable diseases like Cancer, AIDS etc.

Check the transparency level of the internet drugstore

You should always check the level of transparency of the mail order drug store the best Canadian pharmacies should display complete information about the source where they procure the drugs from.

Safety warnings given for powerful drugs

They warn the patients about the harmful drugs. The pharmacies should clearly mention the harmful effects of the drugs which are sold without a prescription.

Proper counseling for medicine should be given

A legitimate online pharmacy does not give prime focus on making a profit. They give the health of the patient’s prime importance. So do check if the online pharmacy is doing a lot of promotion to sell the medicines which are potentially harmful to you.

So the above checklist will help you in making an informed choice while dealing with pharmacies. There is a lot of illegal stuff goes online. You should protect your health by following the above checklist one by one to have a healthy living. After all, health is more important than money.