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LegitScript certificationYes, you can trust an online pharmacy that has a LegitScript certification. Why do you have to believe them and is it different from VIPPS, we know that you would have so many questions in your mind. Reading this blog would help you to get the right answer.

What is LegitScript and why should you trust them?

LegitScript is nothing but a single platform under which you can check about legitimate and illegitimate sites. You just need to place the Url in the search option and it would show whether to trust the website or not.

The search engine company has tied up with Legit Script because of the work they do. They are known to find rogue online pharmacies and put it in the spotlight so that people can be aware about it.

There are many sites that would get money from online drugstores and mention them as legitimate though the reality might be very much different. But in LegitScript, you would get the true approval status of an online pharmacy.

Do they have information about all mail order pharmacies?

Till now, they have details about the sites that belong to the US, china, United Kingdom and France. They have plans also to establish data about the websites that belongs to other countries too.

So, if you have selected a site which falls under their surveillance area then you would get exact details about it. Even if you have placed the website name that is registered in some other country in their search option, they would just tell that they have no information about the site in their database. LegitScript does not give any conclusion that the site is rogue or legitimate without having any detail about the site.

So when the LegitScript tells you that the site is genuine then it means that the website is authentic and you definitely can trust them.

Is LegitScript similar to VIPPS seal?

No, there is no similarity between LegitScript and VIPPS seal. The NABP is which provides the seal to the legitimate online sites and they have no link with LegitScript. However, a person can believe in these two and go about making a decision.

LegitScript is a separate organization which checks the license and does ground work about the top online pharmacies as well as provide result about them.

Do LegitScript provide any seal to the legitimate sites?

No, they do not provide any seal to the legitimate sites. The only way to use this is to login in to LegitScript website. People all over the world have been provided access to this site. So, everyone can utilize this and get enough guidance.