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Meridia for binge eating disordersMeridia is one of the top drugs used worldwide in promoting weight loss and has considerable uses in managing binge eating disorder as well. Persons who have this condition are generally unaware that drugs like Meridia can help overcome this problem which is very treatable. Taking Meridia in the correct way, works in bringing down the symptoms of binge eating disorder without any complications. Meridia, the trade name for Sibutramine, may be seen as simply a weight loss drug but its potency in treating binge eating disorder is considerable.

What are the signs of binge eating disorder?

Binge eating disorder is a deeply psychological condition and people who have this problem shy away from discussing it. The condition itself stems from emotional issues that manifest in the form of binge eating. While reluctance to talk about the condition exists, the affected persons do not actively seek help unless someone insists. Not all overweight people who eat a lot have this problem or all persons with this problem are overweight. Often it is easy to miss the signs that the person is experiencing a medical condition. The emotional symptoms commonly seen in people with binge eating disorder are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling shame
  • Grief
  • Self-hatred or disgust
  • Lack of control when one starts to eat

Apart from these symptoms, severely affected persons tend to take other dangerous steps to prevent themselves from putting on weight after binge eating. This kind of behavior is extremely bad and puts the person’s health at risk. Fortunately, drugs like Meridia and other treatment methods are available to manage this condition.

How does Meridia work in people with binge eating disorders?

Meridia typically works as an oral anorexiant by suppressing the appetite and producing the feelings of being satiated, which helps reduce overeating. The drug was initially under research for depression but was found to have better effects in promoting weight loss. The way Meridia works in changing the chemicals in the brain is suitable for those with binge eating disorders. Not only is the drug suitable for reducing hunger pangs and better managing meals, the drug also helps with the depression that usually accompanies this condition. The treatment plan created by the doctor would generally have Meridia and also other treatment techniques that can help in managing this condition.

Medical researchers who undertook a study on the effects of Meridia on people with a binge eating problem found that the drug helped patients to cut back on binging behaviors by half over a period of twelve weeks. An additional benefit was the weight lost along with the change in the psychological issue.

Treating binge eating disorder with the safe use of Meridia

Persons with binge eating disorder should first try to accept that they have a problem and then seek suitable help from the doctor. The use of Meridia should be carefully monitored as the drug can cause certain side effects which need to be watched out for. The Meridia dose should not be altered in any manner without the consent of the doctor. Since the drug suppresses the appetite and promotes weight loss, the meals taken by the patient should be nutritious. If you are someone with binge eating disorder or know someone who has this problem suggesting Meridia to the healthcare provider would be a good idea.