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propecia side effectsPropecia (Finasteride) is currently the leading medication used in the treatment of male pattern baldness and hair loss conditions in men. With regular use, it is highly effective and its effects can be seen visibly within three to six month of the treatment program. The drug is available in 1mg and 5mg doses, which are prescribed based on the patient’s response to the medication. Users have found that this drug causes sexual side effects. Many are unaware if the problem is more permanent or will fade away given time. Read on to learn more about the sexual side effects of using Propecia.

Are sexual side effects of Propecia just long-term or permanent?

Studies have shown that it causes certain sexual side effects like low libido, trouble with getting an orgasm, difficulty maintaining an erection during sex, and even loss of interest in sex. The different studies can be termed as incomplete as they do not assess the patients’ sexual health issues before the use of Propecia. From the reports it was found that these symptoms started diminishing when the drug was discontinued or once the individual’s body became used to the drug. However, there are rare cases where the persons experienced these sexual dysfunction symptoms in the same intensity even after three months of stopping the treatment. Although the Propecia makers do not directly refer to longer lasting sexual side effects as permanent, those who have such problems require addition treatment in order to overcome these issues. The long-term issues on sexual health may be said to be long lasting than expected.

Should I stop using Propecia if I have any sexual side effects?

Order Propecia online and use it for stopping hair loss only after it is prescribed by your healthcare provider following a thorough health check. If you experience any symptoms of sexual dysfunction, discuss them right away with your doctor. Do not stop the treatment on your own. Once your body becomes adjusted to the drug, stopping the medication and later taking it again for hair loss can wreak havoc on your system.

This may become far worse than expected. Consider the implications of stopping this drug use, discuss your issues with your doctor, and then make a decision. Remember to consult with the doctor right away if you find any sexually adverse symptoms as early intervention can prevent them from becoming permanent or long-term.

What is the best way to take Propecia for maximum benefits and lesser side effects?

After you purchase Propecia from a reliable online pharmacy for receive the authentic medication, the drug should be taken only after as directed by the physician. It works best with daily use and hence you should avoid missing doses. Never take two doses at once or increase the dosage on your own as this will significantly raise the risk of side effects. Take the hair loss medication only as needed in the right way and you should be able to avoid most adverse effects.