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Can Phentermine be taken in frequent intervals, in order to lose weight at the earliest instancePhentermine is a drug which is commonly used for weight loss and appetite suppressant. The drug is usually given as 12-week course and with 12-week interval between two courses. The effect of Phentermine would not be experienced during the interval period during which the drug is not taken. Thus, the appetite levels are not suppressed by the drug at those time period. There are umpteen chances of the patient gaining back the lost pounds during the course interval time. Can you use Phentermine in frequent intervals so that weight loss can be easily achieved? According to weight loss experts, the course of therapy with phentermine should not be on a consistent basis, rather there should be constant intervals.

Effects of disregarding intervals

There is a reason for the strict 12-week intervals. The first and foremost danger are the side effects which are caused, due to long term usage of Phentermine. The serious side effects include

  1. Permanent eyesight problem in those who aren’t used to the drug prior.
  2. Individuals with high blood pressure levels are negatively impacted by the use of phentermine
  3. Severe heart-related problems
  4. Migraine headaches

The drug is highly addictive. The 12-week interval is for making sure that the user does not get addicted to the drug. Addiction can lead to drug craving and which would make the user overdose. Overdosing would not increase weight loss. It causes serious symptoms, which can even lead to death.

Speed of weight loss

When taken without interval, your body is continuously in the effect of the drug. To learn what happens to the speed of the weight loss with a decrease in the interval, you should learn about the working of Phentermine in the body. When you consume the drug, it releases chemicals which alter the neurochemicals in the brain. This alteration will make the brain understand that you are full and it indicates you to stop eating. The constant increase in the chemical tend to deceive the brain, and as a result of which the body gets customized with these changes, and as such effectiveness can’t be experienced out of the drug. In turn, one would be able to feel the hunger, even when the drug alters the neurochemicals. This is what is called as drug tolerance. Thus, your body would never be able to suppress appetite, with the help of Phentermine, making weight loss slower or bringing it to a halt.

Other risks

So far all researchers on Phentermine were performed by taking the base period of 12 weeks. There are no studies which talk about the complete effect of the drug when taken without interval. Its safety after the 12 weeks is not studied. A drug reaction can cause numerous types of problems, which are not limited to the list of side effects given in the leaflet along with Phentermine. Weight loss is essential and looking slim is a social acceptance element. But, it is stupid to let go off your health and well-being just for the sake of looking thin. Moreover, long-term use of the drug does not induce faster weight loss.


Using Phentermine without intervals is not considered to the right choice. It will no way increase the speed or effectiveness of the weight loss. On the contrary, it causes serious side effects, drug intolerance and fatal conditions due to overdose. Phentermine is not a simple drug to play with as you wish. If you are not experiencing weight loss as expected, talk to your doctor about it. He/she will determine your physical activities, medical conditions and recommend safe actions which would help you lose weight.