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can i use generic levitra for erectile dysfunction

The question which runs on everyone’s mind whether to use the generic version of Levitra for treating their erectile dysfunction issue will be answered here. The answer is simple. Yes. You can use the generic variant of Levitra for treating impotence problem and it is up to the individuals as well as their physicians to take a call on whether to use the brand form or the generic variant of the drug.

But, the person needs to know what is Levitra?, what is Brand and generic drugs? and other general information about the drug before making a call on the Levitra drug.

Levitra is a common erectile dysfunction drug. It increases blood flow to reproductive organ and thereby triggering lasting erection whenever there is a proper sexual stimulation. In any online pharmacy, the medication is available in the brand formulation as Levitra and in generic variant as Vardenafil. Are both the variants equally effective?

What are brand and generic drugs?

When a drug was first introduced into the market, the parent company would have spent years of research and billions of dollars to study the effects of Vardenafil on human beings, its side effects, interactions and other critical factors of the drug. It would have toiled to get approval from FDA and other governing organizations. Moreover, it would have spent a lot for receiving the necessary quality certifications. Thus, the company patents the drug so that no other company can start manufacturing or selling the product for a specific number of years.

The drug produced by that parent company is called a brand drug. They would also have spent a considerable amount of money in marketing the product. Brand Levitra would be charged a considerably high amount since the quality of the pill is superior in nature. Price has been fixed to break even the cost spent on research, manufacturing, and marketing. Even after the patent expiration, the parent company tends to sell the product at the same price because of the brand value, it has acquired.

After patent expiration, all companies would start developing the same drug under different names. These are called as generic drugs. They have low cost as they do not spend a lot on research or marketing. Certain generic brands which have quality approval might have slightly higher price tag than others. There are several forms of medicines in the market and only one brand drug.

Which one is better?

Both generic and brand drugs have the same chemical in it. Some inactive elements may vary but they are the same pills. Both formulations have the same side effects, drug interactions, allergic reactions and others. If you are restricted from using a brand drug, you should not use the generic drug as well. The difference comes in terms of manufacturer. If you are buying a generic drug from a reputed manufacturer, who complies with all quality standards, the generic drug in hand will be the same as that of Levitra.

Placebo effect

The size, shape, and color of generic and brand drugs vary. In some cases, the user might get attached to the size and color of the drug. So when they change the brand, they may not feel comfortable or may feel that the new pill is not effective. If you are choosing from a reputed manufacturer, your pill is as good as Levitra.

Things to check before buying a generic drug

There is an increasing number of men opting for generic Levitra given the exorbitant cost of the brand formulation. Those who are planning to use it for a considerable amount of time would obviously choose a generic one. Here are a few things to note before choosing a drug.

  1. Manufacturer’s reliability
  2. Compliance with FDA and other governing organizations
  3. Customer reviews

Make sure to choose a reputed and licensed online pharmacy for availing the pill in authentic quality.  Choosing these pharmacies can lead you to get cheap generic levitra without prescription online.

The list of side effects endured whilst taking high-quality Levitra is very long; think about that of a low-quality one. The impurities in a low-quality pill may either induce serious side effects or reduce the effectiveness of the pill. Either way, you would end up with more problems. Choosing a high-quality medicine is essential for your health! Research completely about the drug, manufacturer and their reputation, before using it.