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Can I lose weight with Phentermine in a short span of timeOf course, Yes. One can lose weight in the shortest span of time, provided if the medication is taken on a daily basis. I have come across several wonderful testimonies of to-be-married girls taking the pill just a few months prior to their D-day in the quest for transforming their physique into slim and sleek. Perhaps, there are even individuals taking the pill for suppressing the appetite, as it is also called as diet pill because of appetite suppressing properties. And for obese and overweight individuals, Phentermine is the best choice. The brand formulation of the drug is indicated by the name Adipex-P. But then, there are few individuals who dislike the pill because the medication works effectively only if it is complemented by a low-calorie diet pattern and a sound exercise regimen. Those taking the weight loss pill alongside undertaking physical therapies can expect a drastic decrease in body weight. The ability of Phentermine to burn excess fat content in the body can be attributed to its influence it causes in the neurotransmitters. Unlike other pills, one should be aware that the medication doesn’t have any other secondary medical use, and hence administering the pill for another medical ailment is strictly prohibited.

Can Phentermine be taken along with other weight loss pills?

No. Phentermine should not be taken along with other weight loss medications. Taking it along with other drugs might result in counter-reaction, which in turn can trigger an array of adverse reactions in the body. Be it, adults or elderly individuals, one should abstain from taking alcohol and grape juice while taking the medication. The weight loss pill causes side effects in the body when dosage instructions aren’t followed. Hence, individuals with underlying medical ailments should take to the doctor and figure out the possibility of taking this weight loss pill along with their regular medicines. At many instances, doctors might recommend to stop the course of therapy with other medicines whilst taking the pill, so as to reduce the scope of unnecessary drug interactions in the body. I have a friend of mine who decided to take phentermine which aids sufficient weight loss in people. Indeed, he bought the pill from a well-reputed Canadian online pharmacy. The course of therapy was supposed to commence on the very next day. Suddenly, he happened to come an across an observation in the dosage guide that cautions individuals with liver ailments to abstain from taking the medication. He was taken aback by surprise. Likewise, individuals affected by many such medical conditions should never opt for phentermine.

What would be the probable dosing frequency of Phentermine?

According to doctors, dosing frequency should not be more than two times a day. However, there are people who take this pill in increased dosing frequency. The general recommendation is to administer the medication an hour or two before or after the breakfast. It can be inferred that those taking the medicine in frequent intervals have the urge to lose body weight at the earliest possible time period. Out of my understanding about the medicine, I would suggest obese individuals to first find out the tolerability level and then accordingly decide the future course of therapy. Those in whom phentermine is extensively tolerable can opt to take the pill in increased dosing frequency, whereas in individuals with poor tolerability level the dosing frequency should be controlled. I would suggest individuals prefer an online pharmacy for availing the medication in supreme quality. Altering the dosing strength on a frequent basis is not recommended since it doesn’t augur well for health. Increase or decrease in dosage strength should only be as per doctor’s advice.