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Can hair loss be avoided from medicinesHair loss is a major problem in today’s world for both men and women. Everyone wants to get rid of it. Hair loss otherwise known as alopecia, thinning of hair or baldness leads to hair loss. It can be due to chemotherapy, radiotherapy or lack of iron etc. This leads to partial or sometimes full loss of hair. Those who are affected with autoimmune disease have more chances of losing their hair. The autoimmune disease is nothing but can be stated as uneven organ growth or uneven organ function. There are several medications to prevent it. Hairs are made up proteins called keratin which can be damaged by applying colors on it that weakens your scalp and result in losing your hair.

What are the types of hair loss?

• Involutional alopecia- a condition where the growth of hair comes down with age. Other than some part of your hair the remaining hair decreases
• Androgenic alopecia- It can affect both men and women. Men suffer the loss of hair at the age 20. It can be seen as a decrease of hair in the front. Women start losing hair at the age of 40 as it becomes unnoticeable to them. They come to know when the hair on their front starts to decline, and they lose their hair mainly on their forehead.
• Alopecia areata- It causes hair loss in children and young adults. This results in baldness. This type of hair loss in not effective as the people get the growth of hair within few months
• Alopecia Universalis- this causes loss of hair from all parts of the body where the hair tends to grow like eyebrows, eyelashes, and pubic hair.
• Trichotillomania- affects children, a psychological disorder which makes a person pull one’s own hair.

What are the problems that cause alopecia?

• Abnormal Hormones
• Genes
• Stress, illness
• Ringworm
• Usage of drugs
• X-ray (temporary hair loss)
• Autoimmune disease
• Use of cosmetic products like hair color, bleaching, shampoo
• Medical contradictions such as thyroid, diabetes, lack iron
• Low protein diet

Can hair loss be prevented?

Yes, it can be prevented with necessary medications. There are many medicines to prevent and one of them is Propecia.

Propecia is a pill that controls hair loss and is also known by its generic name Finasteride. Propecia is mainly used to prevent hair loss. It starts from the middle of the head.

Propecia is for men and not for women and children. Propecia can be also be absorbed by the skin. So it is better to keep away from women and children. It causes problems in pregnancy. If the women get in contact with it. It is advised to wash fully.

Propecia should be only taken under the guidelines of the doctor. If you are allergic it is better to consult with the doctor so that he can prescribe you according to that. It can cause prostate cancer. Propecia should be only taken after several tests done on the patient.

What are the Preventions to be taken care of?

Propecia should never be taken if you have

• Any liver disease
• Prostate cancer
• Problems in urination
• Allergy related to this tablet

Be careful to

• consume medicines for 3 months
• No further treatment can be done if your hair doesn’t grow in a year
• If you stop abruptly taking the medicine you will tend to lose the hair you gained
• Test your blood often

What are the Directions to consume the medicine?

• It should be taken with a full glass of water
• It can be taken before or after food
• Be careful to take the medicine at same time on all days

It should be stored in normal temperature away from heat, moisture, and light. Close the bottle tightly when not in use.

If you miss a dose try to take it soon but don’t take when it is time for the next dose. In the case of that just take the scheduled dose. Never overdose. If you overdose try consulting your doctor as soon as possible. If you are consuming Propecia take extra care while walking up from the bed.

Use of other medicine while you are under the treatment of Propecia should be only consumed under the consultation of the doctor.

What are the adverse effects of Propecia?

• Loss of interest in sex, or men’s having problems in having in orgasm
• Sometimes abnormal ejaculation
• Having skin rash
• Dizziness
• Weakness
• Swelling or tenderness in your breast
• Headache
• Running nose
Sexual problems may also arise after stopping of medicine.

Where to buy Propecia online?

Propecia can purchase online as well as in a pharmacy store with a prescription. There is two mg containing Propecia that is Propecia 1mg and Propecia 5mg. rates are different for different sizes