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Medications from Canadian Online pharmacyThere are millions of Americans who cannot afford medication, leading to increased sickness, hospitalizations and even death. Despite all of these issues, regulatory bodies, pharmaceutical companies and other health agencies repeatedly try to scare customers away from foreign online pharmacies, is this right or wrong? We’ll consider two sides of the coin here talking about both advantages and disadvantages associated with buying medication from Canadian online pharmacies.

What are the advantages of buying medication from Canadian online pharmacies?

Customers from the lower economic strata of the society are able to afford medication available at very reasonable rates. This is especially true if they have to undergo treatment for extended periods which may then drive up costs significantly. The availability of cheap generic pills from Canadian online pharmacies like healthprose.org turns out to be extremely helpful in this case.

Most Canadian online pharmacies provide authentic pills. They procure drugs from genuine FDA approved by distributors and manufacturers. Moreover most Canadian online pharmacies carry approvals from several regional and state pharmacy codes that have strict regulation on drug distribution and quality standards. Therefore, customers can be assured of authentic generic pills ordered from them.

Customers are also provided with a plethora of options ranging from online doctors, pharmacists and customer support executives. They are basically there to help answer any queries that you may have pertaining to medical issues, drug history and information about site usage and orders placed on the website.

Most customers especially from the poorer sections of the society may prefer to see an online doctor and seek consultation regarding their health condition and the medication required. Online doctors review their medical history and may suggest medication or recommend them to see a regular doctor in case of any doubts.

Canadian online pharmacies are also known to provide quick and timely delivery of drugs to their customers usually within a week or two. There is also the option of buying drugs in bulk which may not be possible with regular stores.

What are some of the disadvantages of buying from Canadian online pharmacies?

There are several disadvantages of buying from Canadian online pharmacies. First of all, with online pharmacies, one cannot vouch for the authenticity of the seller. It is difficult to differentiate between genuine and fraudulent portals. There is also the issue regarding the quality of the product. You really cannot tell if you have received a genuine product. A study performed by the USFDA revealed that several orders from online pharmacies contained different active ingredients compared to the original one.

A few websites may also sell drugs at ridiculously high prices, these in fact being generic drugs in the first place.

Also in spite of several websites carrying approvals from regional and state health boards one cannot be really sure if the drugs were sourced from FDA approved suppliers, distributors and manufacturers.

Moreover several pharmacies also do not ask for prescriptions which is quite ironical and misleading due to the fact that most drugs marketed on their websites are strictly prescription drugs. So there is always the chance of drug abuse that may prove fatal.

Ultimately customers are the ones who decide whether to buy the drug or not, it is essentially their part to carry due diligence and verify the details of the pharmacy and take a call based on the information available to them.