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Color of MedicationIf noticed carefully, the colour of the medication from online pharmacies plays a very important role in the determination of the medications. Though it is the disease which determines the colour of the medicine, the colour of the medicine has a psychological advantage on the mind of the customers. Also, colours of the medications have other advantages. If all the medicines in your medical box are of the same colour then it will be very difficult to differentiate amongst them. The shop retailers may also face the same problem and may give wrong medicines to the customers. So, colours are very important to recognise a particular medicine.

The role of the colour of the pills in the pharmacy industry:

Colours of the medicine attract customers. This may sound irrelevant, but the fact is true. If you are given two options of the same medication and of the same effects, it is very obvious that you will choose the more attractive one among the both. While manufacturing, the manufacturers especially develop such colours of the medicines which will be able to attract the customers easily, as this will eventually lead to the profit of the manufacturing company.

How do the different colours of pills help?

While there are different colours for different kind of medications, it is very easy for the people to distinguish the pill, especially if they had purchased the medication beforehand. The old people, who have weak eyesight to read the instructions written in small fonts, can distinguish the medicines by their colours easily. Many people also do not have enough knowledge to read the name of the medicine on the wrapper but with the help of different colours, they can easily distinguish. Distinguishing the right medicine through the help of colours will also help to ensure the right intake of the medicine’s dosage which is printed on the online doctor prescription. So manufacturing different colours’ medicine is actually beneficial.

Psychological impacts of the colours:

These colours of the medicines not only help in the daily life of the people but also have some important psychological impacts on the life of the people. The primary colours used for the distinguishing the medicines are mainly red, blue, green and white. Red coloured pills are put in the category of the medicines with high dosage or are prescribed for fever. They are manufactured to denote the fire and rage. Blues and greens are for the normal health medications which depend on the manufacturers. Medicines for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction is are in blue colour. White and grey coloured pills are categorised into various types of medications and are wide in number so an exact estimation is not possible in this case.