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Product Description

Bupropion is the generic name of Wellbutrin and it can be administered in three ways. They are through oral, intravenous and insufflation. It acts as a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor. This drug is an anti-depressant and has a biological half-life of about 12 to 30 hours.

What is Bupropion used for?

This is an effective pill in treating conditions like depression as well as seasonal affective disorder. The medication is also used to help a person to quit smoking. Bupropion helps to improve the mood of a person and this leads to attaining interest in the daily routine of the life. It modifies the chemicals like Dopamine and Norepinephrine in the brain that helps to regulate the mood of a person.

How to take?

When a patient is taking Bupropion drug orally, it can be taken with a meal or without a meal three times in a day. If the patient experiences stomach upset, it is recommended to take pills along with food. Taking the medication at regular intervals would help the patient to avoid seizures.

The interval between the two Bupropion pills can be 6 hours. The dosage strength for the person should be prescribed by the medico. The dose for a session should not exceed 150 mg and the dose taken per day should not exceed 450 mg.

Since Bupropion is an extended-release tablet it should not be crushed or chewed to avoid drug overdose. When it is prescribed to take it through injection or through insufflation, follow the instructions that are given by the healthcare provider.

Side effects

The patients may suffer from side effects during the Bupropion course duration. It may vary from one patient to another. Some of the minor side effects are

This will naturally fade away in few minutes and if it persists for longer period of time, consult the medical specialist as soon as possible.

There are certain ill effects that need immediate medical attention like

Interaction with other drugs

Interaction with Bupropion drug may happen when certain drugs are taken together. The drugs that may interact with this medication are MAO inhibitors like Methylene blue, Procarbazine, Selegiline, Rasagiline and Phenelzine.

Not only these drugs but also the medicines that are bought with a prescription or without a prescription may intermingle and can cause harmful to the patients. So avoid taking those drugs during the course of therapy. If there are any questions it can be cleared with the help of a medical practitioner.