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Brand Xanax vs AlprazolamWhich formulation of the pill offers instant relief from anxiety disorder?
When it comes to anxiety treatment no other pill can match the potential of Xanax and its generic counterpart Alprazolam. The general fact is that, anxiety obsessed individuals who have benefitted out of this potent anti-anxiety medication will never try out their luck with other anti-anxiety pills. I was suffering from anxiety disorder few years back. I consulted the doctor who in turn suggested me to take Xanax. Perhaps, I went on administering the pill for an entire one month period, as I was able to experience good relief from anxiety symptoms. In the middle of the therapy, based on one of my friend’s recommendation, I tried taking the generic formulation of the pill. The medication was extremely powerful, in a sense that, it offered complete reprieve from anxiety disorder which I was enduring since long time. I was taken aback by surprise. There were no more onset of anxious thoughts and feelings in my mind. This comforted me to an enormous extent. My personal recommendation is that, those battling anxiety disorder in very extreme severity should prefer generic formulation of the pill to alleviate the onset of anxiety symptoms.

Can Brand Xanax and Alprazolam be taken for treating Panic disorder?

According to mental health experts, both the variants of the medication are considered to be powerful in controlling the onset of panic attacks. The reason for its potential can be attributed to its benzodiazepine properties. Since panic disorder is the resultant effect of excess neuron firings in the brain, medications categorized under the benzodiazepine family of drugs are the preferred ones to contain the onset of panic symptoms. For controlling panic attacks, mental health experts’ advice panic struck individuals to take the medication on a frequent basis i.e. in repeated dosing frequencies at least for a certain period of time. Over the course of therapy the dosing frequency can be reduced. As such, it is extremely critical not to overdose the medication so as to overcome the risk of physical and psychological dependence. The preferred dosage strength of treating panic attack is Xanax 10mg, which should be administered as one single tablet. Breaking or crushing the pill is not encouraged, as it might bring down the potential of the medication. There are many testimonies that acknowledge the efficiency of the pill in controlling panic attacks. However, one should see to it that the medication is availed from an authentic online pharmacy.

How long does brand Xanax and Alprazolam stay in the system?

Medical experts in the field of anti-anxiety medicine strongly affirm that there is no significant difference observed in the lasting potential of the medication in the body. However, they do concur with a view that both formulations of the pill exhibit longer half-life of about 40 hours. In some cases, the medicinal ingredients stay in the body for two full days and upon which it undergoes metabolism process, thereby getting discharged completely. However, individuals with underlying medical ailments the elimination process is slow. And, such people are advised against administering the medication in increased dosing frequencies. However, dosing frequency should completely be left to the discretion of the doctor. Those taking alprazolam got to be extra cautious, as it is bit powerful in exerting its effects. And, hence taking the anti-anxiety medication in increased dosing frequencies should not be entertained. See to it that the total dose doesn’t exceed 4mg per day. However, in those requiring increased dose, the course of therapy should strictly be under doctor’s supervision. Regardless of the dosage strength, the half-life of the pill remains the same.