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Brand Propecia vs FinasterideHas baldness crept on to your scalp? Then, it is most likely that you will be looking for a hair loss drug. No doubt, you would have come across the drug by name Propecia. Perhaps, upon researching you would have got to know more about it. By this time around, you would have decided to go ahead with Propecia for controlling hair loss which indeed is a right choice. Definitely, you might have encountered a situation wherein confusion would have ruled your minds upon visiting an online pharmacy for purchasing the drug. And, that confusion would have been certainly with regards to the brand formulation of the medicine versus its generic one known as Finasteride. Well, to clear the air, both formulations of the hair loss pill is highly effective in controlling hair loss. The efficacy of the medication depends on the course of therapy, most specifically it depends on the dosing frequency. If you are experiencing hair loss in an unprecedented scale, it is extremely necessary to take the pill twice or thrice a day.

Brand Propecia vs Finasteride- Points of contrast

The foremost and critical point of difference between Brand Propecia and Finasteride would be the nature of inactive ingredients contained in it. The active ingredient or otherwise referred to as primary ingredient remains the same in both the formulations. The other point of contrast is the cost factor. Generic finasteride is much cheaper than its brand counterpart and hence it is easy for everyone to avail the pill without shedding more money. I was under the course of therapy with both the formulations of the pill, but hardly could I find any difference. I should acknowledge upfront that both the variants worked effectively in my body and because of which I am able to regrow my hair. However, if one prods me to highlight one difference, then I would mention about the onset of positive effects. I felt that finasteride helped me to regrow my hair faster than brand Propecia. However, I never tend to claim accuracy of my observation, and indeed I don’t have solid proof to back it. According to medical experts, there are no major differences observed in both the formulation. But still, I recommend men to try out both the variants of Propecia and find out the best.

Is there any difference with regards to the dosage pattern of both the formulations?

Absolutely No. The dosage strength of both Propecia and Generic finasteride is 1mg. There is certainly a difference when it comes to experiencing the positive effects of the medication. In fact, men taking the hair loss pill for three consecutive months can expect to regrow their lost hair rapidly, whereas those opting to undertake a short course of therapy can control hair loss in a steady manner. The dosage strength remains the same at all cost. One of my friend attempted to halve the dosage the strength and used to administer it three times a day. In fact, he was repeating the same for two consecutive months. Unfortunately, he couldn’t observe any improvement in hair loss upon taking the drug for a while. Hence, I would suggest individuals not to halve the dosage strength of the pill whilst taking it. If one wishes to control hair loss and regrow the lost hair, it is absolutely critical to take the pill as a whole single tablet. Breaking the tablet or crushing it brings down the efficiency of the pill, thereby depriving a person to experience the wholesome effects of the medication.