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Brand Meridia vs SibutramineRecognized as the fast acting weight loss medication, Meridia has helped millions of people to lose their excess weight in a relatively less time compared to other weight loss pills. This oral anorexiant contains sibutramine as its chief component, through which it assists weight loss. More than 15% of baseline weight can be reduced with the assistance of this pill. It is usually consumed 1 hour before breakfast to allow it to provide a maximum effect in the body. This medicine comes in the both brand-name and generic versions. This article aims to analyze different characteristics of each version so your process of choosing a version becomes easier.

Brand Meridia vs Sibutramine – Working mechanism

Generic sibutramine basically works the same way as the brand name because they both have the same active ingredient. Hence both the pills work by suppressing the appetite of an individual and aid them in reducing of calorie intake. Individuals tend to feel full with much less amount of food than what they usually consume. This is achieved by tricking the brain into thinking the stomach is full. As a result the brain emits the signals of feeling full. In this process of altering the brain’s response, these pills also help to reduce the reabsorption of hormones like serotonin and dopamine. Consequently a person can also maintain good mood levels throughout the day. So when a person is happy it is very easy for him/her to control their cravings. Usually controlling their favorite diet comes with its own challenges that can weigh down on a person. With the assistance of brand or generic meridia one can easily withstand the difficulties that arise during the weight management.

Brand Meridia vs Sibutramine – Route of administration

Both the versions come in the dosage strengths of 10 mg. This is because, for the generic version to be recognized as a reputable medicine, its needs to have the same active ingredient, duration of action, safety profile and dosage amounts. So a 10 mg dose of either version can be taken once a day. However, this is only an initial dose requirement. If this not enough to perpetuate enough weight loss the dose can be increased to 15 mg. It must be taken as per recommendations from a health care professional. A very important point to remember while taking it is to monitor the blood pressure and heart rate constantly. These pills are known to produce adverse cardiovascular reactions and hypertension. If you face any such incidences contact a doctor immediately.

Which of these versions is better?

The choice totally depends on the individual. However, given below are a few guidelines to assist you in picking out either brand meridia or sibutramine.

  • Inactive ingredients – Check the inactive ingredients of both medicines and see if you are allergic to any of them. Based on that you choose either the brand or generic.
  • Budget – A choice can also be made based on the cost factor. Generic versions are usually much cheaper than the brand-name. The reason being, the brand-name spends a lot of money on marketing the product and the generic ones do not have to go through the trouble because by then the medicine would be famous enough for them to just sell it.
  • Brand guarantee – If you are one for brand guarantee and absolute safety you opt for the brand-name product.
  • Consultation from a doctor – A final step before determining which version to choose is to consult a doctor and get his opinion. He would usually perform some tests before concluding which version suits you better and in what dosage strength.

Both these pills are easily available in an online drugstore or an offline drugstore so getting the pill is not an issue.