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Levitra and BP medsThis drug is one of the most potent medications that are used in the management of erectile dysfunction (ED), particularly in patients who have concomitant health problems like high blood pressure or hypertension. Consuming Levitra is the preferred drug for many as it works very efficiently even when other ED medications fail to do so. Generally, doctors are wary about prescribing Levitra in patients with blood pressure problems due to the worry that the drug may not be as effective. However, a major study was able to debunk this theory.

High blood pressure is one of the major risk factors of erectile dysfunction, apart from diabetes and high cholesterol. Certain blood pressure medications also cause ED as a side effect. Clinically diagnosed ED is very much treatable, especially with drugs like Levitra available for worldwide use. Any person who is worried about the sexual side effects of using blood pressure drugs can lay these fears to rest the drug is highly effective in overcoming such ED problems.

The efficacy of Levitra in ED patients using blood pressure drugs

The study on the efficacy of the drug for ED in patients with high blood pressure was conducted in 354 patients, above the age of eighteen, who had all been experiencing ED troubles for at least six months. The participants in the study were given different doses like 5mg and levitra 20mg, and also placebo in some cases. The survey respondents took note of all their symptoms while participating in this study. Medical researchers used this data to conclude that the medication helped about 83% of the men to successfully manage ED.

The hypertension drugs taken during by the patients included calcium channel blockers, diuretics, beta-blockers, and ACE inhibitors. Alpha blockers and nitrate drugs were not used as they are known to interact adversely with Levitra, and the blood pressure can drop to dangerously low levels. It is clearly evident though that the use of hypertension drugs does not affect the efficacy of the drug for managing ED.

Levitra as a remedy for ED is just one part in the whole recovery process. The treatment of ED lies in first taking care of the cause of the problem, which is high blood pressure in this case. Lifestyle choices also contribute to ED issues. One should focus on leading a healthy life by reducing stress and taking measures to make sure that whatever choices made do not affect health adversely.

How to safely take Levitra along with managing the high blood pressure

Levitra may be relatively safe to take for ED patients who are also battling the problem of high blood pressure. However, not every individual may be suited to taking this ED medication. The safe use of the drug is possible by first consulting with the doctor to see if your symptoms warrant the use of the ED drug. Also, you can take the most effective dosage of the medication with the doctor’s help. The blood pressure drugs that you take should not include nitrates as these can bring the blood pressure to dangerously low levels when used with the medication. You can get the latest information from an online pharmacy, as these pharmacies furnish fresh, rich and latest information on the product. These pharmacies also provide the privilage to buy levitra without prescription with quick delivery at their online pharmacy. Remember that it is used only on an as-needed basis without exceeding more than one dose in a day. Take the pills only as indicated for the most effective results.