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Betapace vs ClonidineGeneral health, particularly of the heart, is very important for leading a good life. Being healthy will help you live life to the fullest and also to perform at work or other activities without any hindrances. In this regard, it is important to get your health checked on a regular basis so as to easily diagnose any underlying health conditions. Certain health concerns like heart disease and high blood pressure are not so easy to detect as the symptoms do not always show up. Early detection of any major illness will definitely prevent it from affecting one’s quality of life.

Two very important medications that are used today are Betapace and Clonidine. High blood pressure or hypertension is considered to be silent killer that can lead to very severe heart conditions. For preventing this and bringing down the blood pressure levels, Betapace or Clonidine may be used.  Knowing what these two drugs are and differentiating between them can help in understanding which drug may be more suitable for you.


Betapace is the brand of Sotalol, a drug that was widely used as a beta blocker for treating hypertension. Currently though, this drug is used primarily as a pacemaker and to regulate irregular heart rhythms. Betapace’s use in controlling blood pressure is now secondary and there are drugs that are chosen over this one. While taking Betapace, the individual’s heart rate and blood pressure should be constantly monitored for any sudden changes. The drug itself is used only when the patient’s condition is life-threatening and requires Betapace over anything other medication.


Clonidine is an important drug that is used to treat high blood pressure and is available under brand names like Kapvay, Catapres, and Nexicolon. The drug can help relax the blood vessels to ease the pressure, and hence it is also used in treating conditions like anxiety disorders, withdrawal symptoms from drugs or other substances, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), menopausal flushing, migraine and other conditions of pain. The off-label uses of Clonidine are quite extensive but it should be taken only with a valid prescription.

Which drug to choose – Betapace or Clonidine?

Now that we have seen the intended uses for Betapace and Clonidine it is quite easy to assume that for hypertension the choice of drug would be the latter, while the former is more suitable for cardiac arrhythmias. Both medications may be used only upon the recommendation of the healthcare provider. Taking Betapace and Clonidine is not advised unless expressly prescribed to do so by the physician. The interaction of Betapace and Clonidine may be such that stopping one drug while continuing the other may affect the health of the person. Constantly monitor the blood pressure levels so that is neither too high nor too low. The blood pressure ought to be checked before starting or stopping the combined drug course. Avoid self-medicating as the dose may not give you the expected results. Choosing between Betapace vs Clonidine or both together is dependent entirely on how severe your condition is.