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ativan addictionAtivan which is the brand name of Lorazepam and it belongs to a group of drugs called benzodiazepine. Ativan is used for many issues and disorders related to anxiety. Ativan is not to be taken long term and most doctors will discontinue its usage after a few weeks at the most. However, in spite of the short duration of usage of this drug, the persons find that they are not able to function without it, and they start exhibiting addiction symptoms.

Signs that you are getting dependent on Ativan

If you are scared that you may be getting dependent on Ativan, you need to check to see if any of these signs which are stated below are applicable. If you answer yes to any of these signs, then there is a high probability that you are getting into the dependency stage or drug abuse stage:

  1. The Ativan dosage that has been prescribed for you by the medical professional does not give you the relief you need, and that is the reason why you have increased the Ativan dosage on your own. This is usually the case with most people, as the body gets accustomed to the drug and develops tolerance levels for it. Therefore, to have the same experience, the person tends to increase his or her dosage.
  2. You start to take Ativan on a regular basis and find it difficult to function without consuming it
  3. You try to get more of Ativan and do not mind going the illegal route as well. You may even entertain thoughts of getting multiple prescriptions or forging prescriptions to help you get Ativan.
  4. If you are tight on funds, you will disregard your other payments but see that you are never short on Ativan.

Using Ativan without getting dependent

This is not a myth nor is it impossible. If Ativan is used in the dosage prescribed by the physician and followed for the period which it is allocated for, there is no risk of getting dependent on it. The doctor knows how much dosage has to be given and how it has to be reduced. That way, there will be no withdrawal symptoms, signs of dependency or addiction. The doctors also prescribe mild doses of Ativan which do not run the risk of the person getting dependent on it.

How do you treat Ativan abuse?

If you are suffering from Ativan abuse, the best method is to get professional treatment. This is done at a detoxification center and in this center, the medical professionals supervise the detoxification process and also help the patient to decrease the symptoms of withdrawal and make the person feel as comfortable as possible.

It is necessary for the withdrawal to be treated under medical supervision as the patient may suffer from not only increased cravings for Ativan, but also mental health problems such as agitation, depression, mood swings, intense rage, and anxiety. There also are physical symptoms like seizures, shortness of breath, shakiness, stomach cramps, fever and other such symptoms accompanying it as well.